Best ways for foreign students to earn money in Canada

earn money

Studying in Canada is a no-brainer for many international students, considering the presence of several highly ranked universities in the country. However, it won’t take long to discover that the cost of living in this country requires more than a moderate pocket. 

You’ll need some money to offset your living expenses and possibly the cost of study. Thankfully, most study permits in Canada come with the option to work on or off campus during your study period. But if you are in doubt, you can ask your Canada immigration lawyer for more information.

Meanwhile, if making some bucks while studying in Canada sounds like a great idea, you may want to pay more attention to what we are about to discuss. Here are eight money-yielding options to make your stay in Canada more comfortable as a foreign student.


Have you got some skills? The opportunities to work online by freelancing are endless. You can become a content writer, proofreader, graphics designer, etc. All you need to start is a stable internet connection and a computer. And, of course, these wouldn’t be difficult to access in Canada. 

There are several freelance sites you could register with and sell your skills. The advantage of this option is the flexibility it provides. You can work within your free hours and get paid handsomely without putting your studies in jeopardy.

Take a Part-time Job

You do not need a work permit to do part-time jobs in Canada. But first, be sure of the nature of the jobs your study permit allows you to apply for. Your student visa should allow you to work for 20 hours weekly during the school term. That’s enough time to work weekends or split the time between the weekdays. On holidays, you can work as many hours as you wish!

Prepare a resume stating your availability and submit it to establishments you would love to work. Increase your chances by going to a place where the pay is hourly. It wouldn’t be long before you get an offer that suits your status.


How about sharing your study experience as a foreign student by creating a blog with others? Consider it a daily journal, and you will soon have tonnes of content on your site. Create as much awareness as you can about your blog. 

Once you can pull sufficient traffic to it, there are several ways you can begin to monetize your blog. You can write content for sponsors, share affiliate links, using Google Adsense, to mention a few.

Home Tutoring

There would always be kids struggling to comprehend their schoolwork and parents searching for home tutors. If you fancy yourself good at teaching young ones, why not let people know. Depending on your bargaining power and the caliber of your client, you can live comfortably doing this job. The pay is often hourly and perfect for weekends too.

Dog Walking

While many love to take the weekends off to hang out with friends, Fido needs some company at home. Many would pay handsomely for a dog walker to take their dog on a stroll. You can also do this job in the evenings after classes as this is also a perfect dog-walking time. The pay is also hourly and dependent on your negotiation skills and the owner’s pocket.

Of course, if you are not okay being around dogs, you can skip this point and go to our next suggestion.

House Cleaning

Before you roll your eyes over this suggestion, this is one job that could land you more significant opportunities and build relationships if things go well. You can get a direct contract with clients to drop in at your convenience or on weekends to put the house in order. Some tips often come with the job if you succeed in pleasing the house owner.

Apply for Work Placement under Coop Program

Several Canadian universities and colleges often run a particular type of program known as cooperative education. This program aims to combine classroom learning with actual work experience. Hence, students begin to gather work experience in their field of study before graduation. 

The workplaces involved in this placement pay the students for the number of semesters arranged by the institution. 

Another reason to consider this option is that it could provide helpful contacts for your profession even after your studies. Meanwhile, it would help if you confirm that your institution offers such a program and that your course is a beneficiary.

Watch out for Scholarships

Competitive scholarships are awarded under different conditions. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with several ones available for foreign students to work towards meeting their requirements. Some are one-off disbursements, and others could run for as long as your program duration. Do not rule out this source as the remuneration is quite encouraging.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you are only reading this article as a prospective foreign student. The choice of where you would study is crucial to your self-sustenance in Canada. Some areas are generally easier to find some side hustles than others. Meanwhile, with appropriate immigrating assistance, choosing a place where your skills are viable is possible.