A unique cross-chain trading platform for gaming NFT was launched

Gaming NFT

What would the world look like without NFTs? It would not be so bright and colorful. Past few years, the concept of a non-fungible token has become deeply rooted in our vocabulary and everyday life. Many investors, crypto traders, and just enthusiasts have built a successful career for themselves with the help of NFT, and for some artists and creators, this has become a real salvation. After all, one of the functions of the NTF is to come to the aid of art. It applies to everything: paintings, music, video games, and all other products of human creativity. At this stage, NFTs help realizes their ideas through fundraising. Buying a collection or a single non-fungible token helps young creators and encourages the community to get involved in one art form or another.

In 2022, the issue of NFTs and their implementation has become as acute as possible. Despite the collapse of the crypto asset market, this segment shows itself to be successful and reliable. After all, despite large drawdowns and partial depreciation, the NFT industry was able to raise $10.6 billion from our current year. NFT Profit marketplaces certainly helped in the implementation of this process. A place where you can find like-minded people, share your wealth, and earn money, becomes a certain lever for all members of the crypto community.

However, there is one difficulty in the work of modern marketplaces. They are not mobile in the operation of different networks. Many users are faced with the problem of transferring their NFT from one chain to another. Instead, they often use third-party services with high fees or scammers’ activity. However, the last hotbed of hope, in this case, is the cross-chain and multi-chain platforms. Developers and the crypto community have realized how necessary this phenomenon important for the industry. Companies are developing and implementing multi-platform for the convenience of their users. It has become useful for marketplaces because the vast majority of NFT collections are based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Multichain and cross chain NFT marketplace explained

The issue of cross and multi-chain has become extremely acute. The virtual world and the metaverse are experiencing their heyday right now, and NFTs are successfully proving their usefulness among crypto enthusiasts. Agree that it is not enough to launch the NFT market on one existing blockchain in the presence of many other popular coins. Cross-chain platforms handle this by providing users with a wide choice of blockchains and low network fees. In addition, Multichain brings many advantages that other sites cannot boast of. One of them is the security of the user’s funds because, as a rule, any successful cross-platform values ​​its reputation, and smart contracts provide additional protection. On such platforms, there is always a log entry where the user can check the presence of his transaction.

Octogamex the world’s first cross chain technology-based NFT marketplace

Octogamex is a cross-platform Marketplace thet specializing in the NFT game tokens of the most popular blockchain games. This platform provides users with a wide range of services, including trading, collecting, and managing gaming NFTs. The list of Octogamex services also includes the analysis of P2E games and the opportunity to receive daily income by participating in various events.

A clear advantage of the site is cross-platform mechanics. At the moment, Octogamex uses up to 10 blockchains. The user himself can choose in which coin to carry out operations with NFT. In addition, an absolute novelty is a feature developed by Octogamex – NFT Bridge. This feature has unique mechanics and allows you to move your NFT from one blockchain to another. This significantly saves time and commission. Moreover, if the user wants to return his NFT to the “native” blockchain, such a function is available. Every crypto-enthusiast who wants to should try it out personally!

ElephantLab – pioneers of modern blockchain product development

ElephantsLab, of which Octogamex is a product, is a successful research and blockchain development company that brings technology project triumph closer every day. The company provides various services for the creation, development, support, and analysis of various blockchain products and platforms. In addition, ElephantsLab specializes in Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Development Services, which significantly affects the overall situation for creating products that support multi-chain. The company was founded in 2018 in the UK and headquartered in Ukraine. From now on, they have been working non-stop to create a world where blockchain technology will be the main engine of progress.