The short answer would be “no, absolutely not”. That answer isn’t very illuminating, though, so let’s go into a bit more detail. It would make sense to assume that, since random video chatting is all about talking to people, you’d have to be good at talking to people in order to enjoy them. Well, that can help, but it certainly doesn’t exclude anyone who was born without the gift of the gab.

In fact, random chatting can actually be great for anyone who’s naturally shy. On a site like Camgo, for instance, you can find everything you need to boost your social confidence – unlimited chats, thousands of members, and complete anonymity. If you’re already outgoing and talkative, this could be a great way to entertain yourself. If you feel like your confidence could use a pick-me-up, though, random chats could be a great way to make that happen.

Build your self-image by talking to people from different parts of the world

A lack of confidence in social situations doesn’t just come from the absence of conversational skills; it also stems from a self-image that’s possibly incomplete, and definitely in need of improving. Here’s how interacting with people from various cultures fits in: when you have these conversations, no matter what you’re talking about, you’re hearing someone else’s perspective on your life. It doesn’t matter whether you talk about how you prepare coffee, or how your cultures view marriage; you’re still getting a different viewpoint on your life. chich live When you see what you look like from someone else’s point of view, it’s easier to know what the possibilities are…and hopefully easier to take advantage of those possibilities.

Take the reins during every random chat.

One common stress of any interaction with strangers is that you can’t really control what happens. You might have some say in how a conversation goes, but unless you’re particularly charismatic or forceful, you pretty much have to see an interaction through to the end no matter how it goes.

During a random chat, however, you have two things working in your favor. Firstly, everybody knows that if their chat partner isn’t happy with how the chat is going, they probably aren’t going to stick around; if somebody dumps you mid-chat, it’s no big deal. Secondly, each chat comes with a “next” button that will load another chat almost as soon as you click it. If a chat isn’t going your way and you don’t feel like fixing it, there’s no need to wait around – just start over with a new chat partner.

Create bonds without being afraid of over-committing.

You can definitely make friends on random chats, but these won’t be the kind of friends that you keep in touch with – they’re people you’ll have a fun time chatting with once, before moving onto the next chat partner. This gives you a unique opportunity to share whatever you want about yourself with zero sense of commitment. The people you’re chatting with can respond however they want during the chat, but once it’s done, they don’t have any responsibility towards you – and vice versa.

An important exception, of course, is your personal details – you don’t want to reveal any information that could compromise your identity or financial information.

Experiment with things you’ve never had the chance to try before.

It’s common enough to hear “be yourself”, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to change something about yourself and then listen to all the surprised comments from friends and family. Even if it’s just a matter of wearing statement-making hats or learning an unusual vocation, people are most comfortable with familiar things, and it could take them a little while before they get used to the new you. Join in on the random chats, though, and nobody will be any the wiser. Random chatters never know what to expect from their next chat partner, so they basically don’t have any expectations. Use this to your advantage – by the time you’re ready to tell people in the real world, you’ll feel right at home with your decision.

Learn that being socially under-developed is actually pretty normal.

Most people, when they’re growing up, form this assumption that by the time they’re adults they’ll know everything they need to know, have all the skills they need, and just be generally competent. Once they reach adulthood, though, it can be quite a shock to discover that they still struggle with things that are supposed to be basic skills – like interacting with other people. The good news is, plenty of people feel like this, and a lot of them are joining random chat sites anyway. Even if you’re convinced that you’re terrible at talking to people, don’t let that stop you from random video chatting – you’ll probably fit right in!

Relax around people who are predisposed to being friendly towards strangers.

Introducing yourself to a stranger in the real world is a bit of a gamble, because there’s no telling how they’ll respond. Your chances might improve depending on the social context, but you still never know if they’re interested in talking to someone they’ve never met. Try the same thing on a random video chat, and you’re just doing exactly what everyone else is – that’s the whole point. There’s no need to come up with your snappiest ice-breakers, or worry about making the best possible first impression. Of course, you won’t end up chatting with every single person you get matched with; that’s just how random chatting works. However, you can depend on the fact that when you do find the right chat partners, you won’t have to jump through hoops to get them to stay.

This covers the basics; there are plenty of other ways in which your social skills could benefit from random chatting. 

Random chat sites really are for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you do, or even how good you are with social interactions – all that’s required is to be yourself, and enjoy the ride!


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