Cricket and its importance


Cricket is a sport that requires the use of a bat and ball. It is easily one of the most prevalent sports in the world. This game consists of two teams that include 11 players each. The main aim of the game is to score the highest number of runs. It is played on a pitch in a field that is well-maintained for the same purpose. Cricket is particularly famous in England and India and now cricket betting tips free Amit is gaining a different level of attention.

There is a lot of potential in Cricket which allows players to earn well. Cricket does not have one single format but various ones. Similarly, each format has a different set of rules and duration.

Formats of Cricket

As Cricket has various formats, it has a different fan base for each of them. Some people like watching test matches because of their intensity and authenticity. While some enjoy Twenty-20, which requires minimum engagement and is highly entertaining. Test Match is a format of cricket that is quite traditional.

It lasts up to five days and two countries play against each other in this match. Next up, we have the National League Systems, also called counties in England. Their duration is for three to four days.

Limited Overs Cricket is another type where the number of episodes decides the format and length of the game. Both the teams get to play a single inning and thus results are determined.

However, if it rains, they apply the Duck worth- Lewis Method to attain results. One of the most common formats is One Day International also known as ODI. Two countries play against each other for a total of fifty overs. Finally, this is probably the most entertaining format of cricket, the Twenty-20. It only has 20 overs to play and is quite exciting and engaging.

The Power of Cricket in India

Despite Hockey being the national sport of the country, it is cricket that rules over the hearts of the citizens. It creates a lot of excitement and frenzy amongst the fans of the game. Cricket is like a religion in India and the players are considered to be demi-gods. It is the most-watched sport in India and people even miss their schools and offices when any major international match is happening. The undying passion for cricket has many a time proved dangerous for the cricket players. Moreover, fans risk everything to display their anger or affection. Cricket unites Indians like nothing else and from kids to adults; everyone keeps track of the cricket score whenever the Indian team is playing.

Cricket in various formats is enjoyed by people all over the world as well. Even business tycoons are now investing in the game to cash in on its popularity.

The board of cricket is taking various measures to make the games more interesting through organizing the Indian Premier League and more. In short, it is safe to say that cricket is not merely a sport but an emotion in our country. It makes people come together for good. It also strengthens our relationship with other countries and maintains the sportsman spirit.

Health benefits of cricket

Although there is some standing around, to play cricket you need to be fit and strong and have good hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills. Cricket involves sprinting between wickets and running to stop balls, as well as bowling and throwing.

Health benefits include:

  • Endurance and stamina
  • Balance and coordination
  • Physical fitness
  • Improving hand-eye coordination.

Other benefits of cricket

As well as physical health benefits, cricket can also bring other benefits and opportunities such as:

  • Team skills
  • Social skills such as cooperation, communication, and learning how to cope with winning and losing
  • Social interaction – it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Playing competitive cricket

There are over 1,000 cricket clubs and more than 100,000 registered cricketers in Victoria. So playing competitive cricket is a popular way to keep fit and have fun.

Before you decide whether competitive cricket is right for you, remember that:

  • Cricket is a team sport. It’s important you are up for some company and for communicating with others.
  • Cricket clubs will mostly hold matches on the weekends, both Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Playing competitive cricket usually involves committing to regular matches or practice sessions.
  • Umpiring and scoring are other ways to become actively involved in competitive cricket.

Cricket costs and equipment

If you want to start playing competitive cricket, you’ll need to join a club. This will often mean you will have to pay club membership and competition fees. For competitions, you will also need to buy pants and shirts to play in (cricket whites) and cricket spikes (shoes with spikes) for playing on the turf.

Avoiding injury when playing cricket

Some tips to avoid injuries when playing cricket include:

  • Drink water before, during, and after play.
  • Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, even in cloudy conditions.
  • Always warm up, stretch and cool down.
  • Good technique and practice will help prevent injury.
  • Fast bowlers should restrict the number of overs bowled during play, taking into account their physical maturity and fitness.
  • Wear the right protective equipment. While batting, wear body padding including gloves, leg pads, a box (for males), and forearm guards. When wicketkeeping, batting, or fielding in close, also wear a cricket helmet with a faceguard.
  • Seek professional advice on footwear.

Things to remember

  • Cricket can be played for competition or for fun.
  • Cricket is a good sport for developing overall fitness, stamina, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Cricket uses a hard ball, so protective gear should be worn to avoid injury.

Cricket can be played both socially and competitively, by males and females of all ages. While competitive cricket is mostly played on a field, cricket just for fun can be played in backyards, parks, streets, or on the beach. You only need a couple of friends, a bat, a ball, and something that represents wickets. To play competitively, consider joining a local club.

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