Fall 2021 Fundraising Trends: Make The Most Out Of Virtual Events

The fall season is an important window of time for raising funds. This season starts with a shift in schedules that accompanies the start of the school year and leads to changing weather and the holidays that signal the start of the year-end giving season. Here are a few fundraising trends for fall 2021 with a focus on virtual events for safety during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

There are many ways to make virtual fundraising campaigns look and feel more seasonal. The design of events held online, such as a live stream featuring an invited speaker, can be customized. With a little planning, it is possible for nonprofits to give current and potential supporters memorable experiences at virtual events during this season and make use of contact information for leads through RE system integration.

Autumn is also a great time of year to engage with supporters and their networks on social media. The networks of students, parents, teachers and faculty often expand at the start of each school year, which can increase the reach of virtual campaigns. From crowdfunding to peer-to-peer fundraising and online auctions, encouraging supporters to share timely posts that mention an organization and its mission can go a long way during the fall. 

How Nonprofits Will Be Impacted In 2021

The COVID-19 crisis continues to pose challenges for nonprofits. It is important to take measures to avoid losing touch with supporters and past donors and to continue generating leads. Hosting virtual events and pursuing fundraising online are some of the best ways to stay on supporter’s minds and continue to receive donations.

Rates of giving by individuals rose in 2020, and this trend could continue in 2021. Nonprofits may want to focus on engagement and outreach throughout the fall. Over half of nonprofits try to touch base with donors at least one time or up to three times in preparation for year-end campaigns. Integration software for Salesforce donor management makes it easier to keep track of engagement efforts throughout the fall and into the winter giving season.

Lead Up To the Giving Season

Over 30% of donations are made during December. Nonprofits should factor this statistic into fundraising data management during the fall. It is important to start reaching out during the fall in order to increase the likelihood that donors will give at least once during the last three months of the year.

The fall is also a good time to promote recurring gift programs and other options that lead to more frequent gifts from individual donors and higher donation totals. Based on the fundraising schedule of an organization, it may be ideal to segment donors and focus primarily on those who are most likely to give in each season.

Combining virtual events with broader online fundraising campaigns such as crowdfunding or P2P fundraising can deliver the best results during the fall. Nonprofit staff and stakeholders should analyze the giving and online usage habits of their target demographics to determine the best ways to stay connected and on track toward fundraising goals.


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