How a Doctor on Demand Clone App helps entrepreneurs to transform healthcare


There is no doubt that technology has helped the healthcare sector move forward and grow by several leaps and bounds. The patients who suffer different diseases and illnesses these days have to admit that the old habits of queuing up in clinics and hospitals have been replaced with online medical consultation apps. These digital healthcare platforms allow users to book appointments with specialized doctors 24×7 from anywhere.

We have many health consultation apps in the market like Apollo 247, 1MG, Lybrate, Portea, Practo, and WelcomeCure now. This indicates that the promising business of healthcare apps are intensely competitive.

Some of the latest news related to Doctor on Demand apps are

  • Philips, a multinational company in Amsterdam that offers various healthcare products to customers is relying on the trend of online healthcare services to boost its sales in 2021.
  • Kry, an on-demand Swedish health consultation app, raised $300 million in funds putting its value at a whopping $2 billion. It is used by 3 million patients in 30 European countries.
  • MFine, an Indian doctor consultation app that operates from Bengaluru, has witnessed a 100% growth in online health consultations by patients every week.
  • The MediBuddy platform successfully completed a humongous 6 million online health checkups since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year.
  • The future of the healthcare industry will depend on aspects like telemedicine, more focus on the mental health of patients, at-home nutritional services, prescription delivery, and growth in the number of health insurance policies taken by users.

The entrepreneurs have to make their Doctor on Demand clone app very unique and feature-packed to achieve resounding success in the industry. They can disclose their business goals and operational scope to a knowledgeable app development company. Smoothly operating Android and iOS apps, a web panel for allowing online appointment, and a sturdy admin dashboard will be created in no time according to the needs and requirements of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

The crucial features of a Doctor on Demand clone script are

Quick booking of consultations – The patients can fix appointments with qualified doctors anytime, just with a few taps on their smartphones. A scheduling facility is available to ensure the booking of appointments several days beforehand.

Secure storage of Electronic Health Records (EHR) – The sensitive medical data of both doctors and patients is stored safely in an EHR system. The information can be viewed digitally anytime.

Flexible cancellation of appointments – The users must be allowed to cancel their health consultation bookings anytime without paying a cancellation fee.

Acceptance of multiple payment methods – The patients can easily pay for their availed medical services through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wire transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

A live chat option – The patients can instantly interact with the doctors about their diseases and symptoms via the real-time chat facility. It is also embedded with video calling and voice calling options.

Sharing of digital prescriptions – Cumbersome paperwork is eliminated in the Doctor on Demand clone app by sending e-prescriptions to the email addresses of the patients.

A rating and review system – The overall quality of healthcare services is enhanced by taking into account the feedback and reviews given by the patients about the doctors on a scale of 1-5.

Availability of 24×7 technical support – Round-the-clock assistance is provided via chat, email, and phone for the patients to solve their issues faced while using the Doctor on Demand clone script.

How does a Doctor on Demand clone app function?

  • The patients register on the Doctor on Demand clone script by submitting the required information like email address, health history, previous treatment details, and phone number.
  • The doctors create their profiles on the Doctor on Demand clone app and share details of their qualification, skills, and work experience.
  • The admin will immediately verify the background and data of the doctors and patients before approving their accounts.
  • The patients can view the list of available doctors, their price, and services.
  • The patients fix a health consultation on-demand or can schedule it on a specific date and time.
  • The admin informs the doctors to accept the request of the patients.
  • The online medical consultation session starts and the doctors diagnose the health issues suffered by the patients.
  • They will recommend certain medicines, issue a digital prescription, and also provide effective medical advice.
  • After clarifying all their doubts and queries with the doctors, the patients can end the session on their devices.
  • The patients can share their opinion on the professionalism of the doctors in the integrated feedback system of the Doctor on demand clone script.

What is the extensive methodology followed for Doctor on Demand clone script development?

  • Recognizing the business plan and operational scope of the client firm aspiring to make a mark in the online healthcare industry.
  • Researching other Doctor on Demand apps – in the market, their patient retention strategies, and the way of functioning.
  • Developing the prototype – of the Doctor on Demand clone script. It contains all the core features for booking appointments, live chatting, customer support, and payment processing.
  • Adding all the other functionalities – in the front-end and back-end of the Doctor On Demand clone app.
  • Undertaking in-depth testing – of the final version of the Doctor on Demand clone script. All the technical bugs and operational vulnerabilities are removed by the QA testers.
  • Launching the ready-to-use online Doctor on Demand clone app – in the target market.  The digital healthcare platform starts getting appointments from patients.
  • Promoting the benefits – of the Doctor on Demand clone script across multiple online health forums and social media platforms to increase the business traction for entrepreneurs.

Final Thoughts

The global market for Doctor on Demand clone apps is set to grow by a high rate of 17.7% every year till 2028. 2021 is a lucrative year for entrepreneurs in the online healthcare industry as they can generate revenue of $47.7 billion. The future of digital healthcare will be towards advanced diagnosis, cloud backup of health information, real-time analysis of medical data, remote patient monitoring.

Amidst the onslaught of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, acquiring a game-changing Doctor on Demand clone script can prove to be ideal to move ahead of the rivals in the fast-growing healthcare industry. This can help entrepreneurs to ensure timely medical intervention for millions of patients and prevent a huge number of fatalities efficiently.


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