7 SEO Tips Every Web Designer Must Follow

SEO being the hottest and on-demand topic all days, web designers face a great challenge every time when they have to design a website. Search Engine Optimization is not a simple task, instead, it is a challenging one. Many developments and updates are always happening and on-demand with each and every website.

The web designers take the responsibility of facing all such challenges and they are under pressure to come up with a beating and competitive website in the market. SEO plays a major role in attracting more traffic to the website you have designed and so, you need to be very careful and informative about it.

Here are 7 SEO tips every web designer should know

Many SEO companies are there today to help web designers in search engine optimization. Out of all, SEO Services Seattle is the top SEO Company that works the best in SEO optimization with SEO qualities.  For general instructions, this article can brush up with some ideas and top SEO tips for organic traffic that you have to follow for a better website.

#1. Use The ALT Attributes And Title

As every web designer knows, the ALT attribute is a very basic thing in SEO, but when it comes to the images in websites, the alt attribute describes how the images are to the search engines thus making a better way for the search engines to get your website using your web images. To make your website accessible, you should use the TITLE attribute while designing your website. Make sure that your title is unique.

#2. Do Not Go With Generic Links

Links are too important for search engines. Give a relevant link to the content instead of a generic one. For example, when you are going to explain about SEO or Photoshop, then make sure that you give a relevant link to the content like ‘Learn about SEO here.

#3. Give Priority To Your First Set Of Sentences

The first paragraph in your website plays an important role. The search engines generally scan the first paragraph of your content and assume everything about your website from that. So, be relative and clear about the first paragraph of your web content.

#4. Make Use Of Google Webmaster Tools

It will be very useful to link your website with Google webmaster tools. You can achieve it using your Google account. The webmaster tools provide you so much diagnostic information about your website, which external/internal links reach your website and the best queries that bringing out more traffic to your website as a Digital marketing result. Google webmaster tools also let you configure things.

#5. Do Not Use Frames

Adding frames can be necessary sometimes, but they always make your website load slower. If you want to include frames anyway then make sure that you include a relevant and clear title to your frames.

#6. Do Not Replace Texts With Images

Web designers always wish to make websites look and feel beautiful. So, most of them prefer to replace the website texts with images, but that’s not a good habit. This is because the search engines cannot read the contents present in the image. FIR (Fahrner Image Replacement) technique is there anyway, but still, it is always better to insert images wherever they are necessary and not for improving the looks alone.

#7. Come Out With A Valid Markup

Give more importance to your markup. If you have a valid markup, then the search engines can easily get the relevant content that they are looking for.

#8. Keyword Analysis:

Though there are many tools that will help you to enhance your On-Page SEO but the most effective tool we came across on the World Wide Web in 2016 for keyword competition analysis is Google keyword Planner. The main features of this tool are as follows

  • Test it live: You can just put any keyword and can analyze related keywords and then you can write content according to that so that you can rank easily on search engines.
  • No installation: Unlike many other tools it is easy to use and there are no installations required to use this tool
  • Free: It’s totally free for now so so all SEOs may try it as it has got the huge potential to make you easily understood what you need to do and for what keywords you need to work hard to rank your blog in search engines.


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