Private Note: Why Should You Use It?

These days, with everybody having smart phones, invading someone’s privacy has become an easy task. You have no idea where your text might get forwarded or who might be viewing an image you sent to a specific person. To prevent such things, you can use a private note.

Internet, computers, and smart phones have made it very easy to leak any type of information. While having private chats on social media, you might think that all your messages, images, or videos are going to only one person. But you might be wrong.

These days, social media has become very dangerous. None of our information is safe on the internet, no matter how much they insure us of it. Social media accounts are getting hacked very easily these days. Thus, stealing and selling information has become very easy.

If you think that your messages, images, or videos are of no use to others, you are very wrong. Your personal information is very useful to some cyber criminals and other powerful people with wrong intentions.

People hire hackers especially to steal the personal information of common people like us. Our day-to-day web browsing, chats, and emails are sold at a very high price.

Thus, you might think that you are sending a normal message to a person, but that normal message can also be viewed by others and used against you in ways you can’t imagine.

To prevent this invasion of privacy, you can use a private note.

What are private notes?

Private notes are messages that you can send through different websites or apps specially made for this purpose.

If you want to send an image, file, or message, that you want to keep private, you can use such websites and apps, and send a private note. These notes are made in such a way, that after a while they self-destruct. This way, even the recipient of the private notes cannot store them on their devices.

Thus, private notes are a great way to share confidential information. You can also use them for a ‘view only once’ purpose.

How do private notes work?

Self-destruct or Private Notes include various technologies in their work.

Encryption is a method used in private notes to prevent the message or image from leaking, while it is being transferred to the desired recipient. Thus, it makes sure that the file or message reaches only the required recipient and does not get shared when it is in transit.

The next thing which makes private note stronger is the password. Many websites and apps which provide the services of sending private notes provide this option to their users as well.

As a sender, you can set a password to the message or file that you are sharing. Then you can make sure that only the recipient knows the password of this message.

This way, even if the message or file gets leaked somewhere in between, the person will not be able to open it without the password.

After this comes to the process of deletion. Since these messages are self-destructive, the software also has to make sure that the message or file got deleted from the sender’s device, the recipient’s device, and all the other media that it went through.

This process is a bit complex, but with the right software, it can be accomplished as well. Thus, a lot goes into sending simple private notes.

How can you send a private note?

Sending a private note is very easy. You have to find a good service provider first. Choose a website or app which is reputed and trusted by people.

After that, you have to type your message or select a file or image that you want to share. Once that is done, you will get a link that you can share with the desired recipient.

Once the recipient opens the link, they will be able to see the information you have sent. After a while, the message or file will self-destruct. Thus, no one will have the message or file on their device.

Some apps also provide the feature of passwords. This way you can set up a password for your file. The recipient will be able to see that information only if they know the password.

There is also a feature of a timer. With the help of this feature, the sender can set a timer after which the file will self-destruct. Thus, once the recipient opens the message or file, it will vanish from their device once the time set by the sender is over.

Benefits of using private notes

There are many benefits of private notes. For instance, if you want to share some confidential office documents, you can send them via private notes. This way you can make sure that the recipient does not share it with any other office members.

You can also use private notes to share messages which you don’t want the recipient to store. If you want to send a message or image that the recipient might want to leak, you can send it via private notes and prevent the recipient from doing that.

Privnote: The best website for sending private notes

Privnote is a website through which you can send private notes. Through this website, you can send classified work information without worrying about the dangerous hackers.

This website is completely free which allows you to send messages which are completely hidden. The service provided by Privnote is quick and safe.

There is no obstruction of password or user registration on this website. This way you can send your desired messages and files without giving your personal information to this website.

You can write your message on this website and you will be given a link. You can copy this link and share it through your desired medium.

Once the recipient opens the link, the message will be self-destructed. Thus, the recipient will only be able to view this message once. Once they exit the website, the hyperlink will no longer work. Thus, Privnote is the safest and quickest way of sending private notes.