What is computer security? Why is it important?

computer security

We basically do not consider cyber security unless any problem occurs. At this point, hackers do not care about your identity; all they want is the information stored in your computer, which they can use for their profit.

Computer security plays an essential role in our everyday lives. The primary purpose of computer security is to keep your information protected and detect any unauthorized access to your computer.

What is computer security?

Computer security is mainly about preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your computer device and its information. Computer security is vital as it allows people to do and manage their tasks more efficiently. Computer security is essential for the execution of business processes and protects confidential and sensitive data.

Cyber security can be earned by everyone quickly. There are 10% of the computer security tools which require technical assistance, and the rest 90% are dependent upon gathering good computer practices.

Computer security is essential for keeping your information protected and improving your device’s overall health. Computer security is critical in preventing viruses and malware, which contains your computer system from smooth functioning. Prevention helps you take proper measures to prevent hackers from attacking your computer. At the same time, detection of computer security is essential for determining if someone attacks your computer system. If you keep detecting your computer security, you can quickly determine if anything miscellaneous happens in your system and the extent of the issue they have created in your system.

Computer security highly depends upon three principles:

  • The information must remain confidential and should have authorized access only
  • The information should not get integrated from its original state
  • The information must be available whenever the user wants to access it.

Importance of computer security

Computer security is essential as it ensures the protection of the information in your computer system. Computer security is critical for your overall health. Computer security provides confidentiality and integrity to all the components present in your computer.

Computer security is on the rise in the present time; Fundamentally, we are all now aware of the reliance on technology in our everyday life, and this trend is in no way going to slow down. We presently store our credit card information, bank details, etc., on cloud storage such as dropbox, google drive, etc.

As a matter of fact, every small, big, or multinational enterprise now depends on a computer system for their everyday work.

Here is why computer security is important:

  • Protection of personal information: to prevent your system from malicious things, you need to safeguard your personal information. The prime issue with computer security is to protect personal and other data stored on your computer device. To secure your personal information, you can follow a few tips:
  1. Using antivirus
  2. Keeping the operating system up to date
  3. Keeping a backup of your sensitive and confidential information
  4. Avoid phishing emails
  5. Ensuring lock on your computer system
  6. Using strong passwords
  • Protection of organizational information: it’s essential to safeguard organizational data as an organization has a lot of sensitive and confidential information. Without computer security, there is no guarantee for the protection of data.
  • Prevention of data theft: data theft is the stealing of confidential information such as bank details, credit card information, confidential documents, passwords, etc., which we store on our computer or cloud devices. Some of the reasons for data theft are:
  1. Weak, copied, or stolen credentials
  2. Human errors
  3. Application predisposition
  4. Malicious mails

For preventing your computer from data theft, you need to ensure computer security by keeping your system locked and identifying any data or authentication used. You can also look forward to managed security services for protecting your data.

  • Prevention of viruses and other malware: safeguarding your computer is essential for preventing your system from viruses and malware which can corrupt or delete your sensitive data. These viruses can damage your hard disk and easily spread from one computer to another using email, programs, or other external devices. You can protect your computer from viruses and malware by:
  1. Keeping your system software updated
  2. Using professional antivirus
  3. Using strong password
  4. Avoid clicking on suspicious emails.
  5. Create a backup for your computer data
  6. Browsing on trusted and secured sites
  • Avoid unauthorized access: computer security helps in early prevention and detection, which provides unauthorized access to the computer system. In the current time, hackers have become very smart, and they can peep into your computers without even acknowledging and corrupt, steal or delete your sensitive information. If the hackers are looking ahead to get access to your computer system, they will also access all the data in your computer system. This unauthorized access can have a severe negative impact on your business; hence to safeguard your computer, you need to prevent unauthorized access on your computer system.
  • Helps curb security threats: threats here include phishing scams, data thefts, and vulnerabilities in the network.


Computer security is essential in protecting your data from any unauthorized access. Taking measures for computer security will give you assurance with data security. Also, familiarizing yourself with different measures will help you detect and analyze any unusual thing in your computer.

On September 9, 2001, cybersecurity enthusiast Mark Curphey founded an online organisation called OWASP to combat cyber threats. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) stands for Open Web Application Security Project. Although the name implies web application security, OWASP’s focus is not restricted to online applications. OWASP Pentesting is the process of testing the top 10 security threats listed in the OWASP top 10.


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