From 1887 to 2022: The Evolution of the Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Many popular games get played in casinos but, without a doubt, one of the most popular is the slot machine. Whether this is online or in an actual brick-and-mortar casino, the slot machine gets used a thousand times over by young and old alike. So, how did we get here? This article will discuss the history of the slot machine in a bit more detail as we dive into where they started and where they are currently at.

The Beginning

The origin of the slot machine can be traced back to 1887 when the first poker gambling machine was made. The first slot machine was developed in New York by an organization called Sittman and Pitt. บาคาร่าเว็บตรง In total, the game had 5 drums and then 50 playing cards. You were able to find it in bars all over the country as many people who enjoyed poker found that they enjoyed playing on the slot machines as well.

The Development

In the development of the slot machine, the poker game had its cards removed and was instead filled with the likes of diamonds, spades, a liberty bell, and horseshoes. This made it so that the game could be enjoyed a lot more casually as the rules became simpler. The original inventor, Charles Augustus Fey, didn’t patent the design and as such, it was copied by several different companies.

The Move Online

In the ’90s, like so many different industries, the gambling industry made a move online. As such, this meant that the slot machine became available right at the fingertips of anyone who wanted to play and had an internet connection. The first slot game to be released online was called “Reel ‘Em” and it was made by a company called WMS Industries. The game also had a bonus round, which was a bit of a game changer. When the bonus round got triggered, players were taken to a completely different screen and if done well, the game could result in additional pay-outs taking place. Slot games have continued to get more and more popular with time as they are one of the most frequently played online games.

The Future

There is no doubt that the technological world continues to advance and with it, so too does the slot machine advance at an equal rate. This means we are going to keep seeing developments within the world of online gambling and slot machines will continue to evolve. One of the recent and more prominent developments is the introduction of games that have a cryptocurrency option. The bitcoin slot machine is becoming more and more popular as people gamble with crypto and get a safer, quicker, and more secure experience because of it.


The slot machine truly has been on a journey. It was originally developed back in 1887 and has undergone serious development to now not only be available online but also have several Bitcoin variations that no doubt with continue to be developed.