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Macro Economic


The world economy took the coronavirus pandemic as revenge in 2020. COVID-19 has increasingly spread across the globe, accelerating harmful economic cycles and contributing to a global recession. With the extraordinary restrictive measures implemented by authorities in many states, the revenues or losses of firms in a variety of sectors have fallen considerably.

As a result of a decline in the actual disposable income, debt pressure increased. The pandemic had a negative influence on work and income for the population.

Oil rates and financial markets crashed when the pandemic collapsed in the first quarter of the last year. In response to new threats, the monetary authorities of the United States and Europe have increased the business pumping of capital by extension of assets-acquisition programs.

The regulators made monetary policy less flexible:

The US Federal Reserve essentially lowered its interest rates and the Russian Central Bank lowered its interest rates the key rate to a historic low. As a result, stock markets resumed their ascent to new historic highs, despite serious losses for companies. At the same time, the price of gold for the first time exceeded $ 2,000 per troy ounce.

What is expected in the coming months from the Russian and foreign economies? What systems will affect it decisively? Is the contraction in 2021 going to be overcome? Would regulatory authorities continue to improve the economy? How possible are inflation and growth rates? Should the equity and asset markets be prepared to continue to rise or crash next year? In the new climate, what are the threats for investors? In 2021 what is the maximum investment strategy? The Macroeconomic Outlook for 2021 members and business breakfast guests Leading Russian analysts, well-known skilled investors, and fund managers discovered the best investing strategies.

Format of case

The activities in the sense of the Investor Academy follow industry dynamics which consist of two groups. One is a round table expert on global market developments and macroeconomic processes. The second is the workshop for investors, the collaborative practice of investment professionals with attending session member questions in format and responses. “What is happening in the Investor Academy?


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60-80 staff from future and real buyers, state and federal authorities officials, investment and commercial banks, stock exchange practitioners, executives of companies, market consultants and researchers, trade publication journalists, and business media representatives.


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