AI stands for artificial intelligence. It is the intelligence validated by machines, in contrast to natural intelligence displayed by animals encompassing humans. Nowadays, there are so many tools that incorporate this technology to guarantee flawless processes.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you a list of top 5 artificial intelligence enabled tools that help you to organise your business processes.

AI Software Testing Tools

If you have a software development company, testing is one of the most expensive and difficult activities. Nevertheless, it is an important part of your daily operation to ensure your app’s security and usability. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is incorporated to simplify the important business activity. The technology can:

  •         Comprehend the business needs and implement hundreds of test cases quickly.
  •         Enhance test scope and complete test coverage for enhanced product quality software
  •         Identify the duplicate test cases, error prone aspects, high-risk aspects and enhancing regression testing.
  •         Studying historical information to predict important test parameters for the future evaluation
  •         Analysis of the social media information from the shoppers and in-depth feedback documents that focus on important aspects.
  •         Automatic application of test cases by looking at the hotspots

Some famous software testing tools incorporate; Mabl, ReTest, Sauce Labs, Testim, Testcraft, Applitool and Functionalize.

At the end, these tools can be paired with the test management tools to organise and centralise all testing activities and improve quality assurance.


These are few of the latest technologies that assist the companies to enhance their customer base, revenues and conversions.

Chatbots are powered by Natural Language Process (NLP), deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities to enhance marketing and sales efforts.

Chatbots involve the buyers from any language or time zone. They can identify if your site has a regular shopper or a first time visitor and then interact in accordance.

These bots can start communication by telling the people that they are available anytime for the inquiries, introducing the latest products. They can also reply to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and manage all complaints. By doing this, you will be able to maximise the technology to increase profitability and maintain a competitive edge.

 Task Managers

Managing various tasks in a day can overwhelm you very quickly. This will make you indecisive regarding your priorities. Nevertheless, planning your recurring or daily to-dos is important to guarantee attaining your targets. Therefore, incorporating AI to schedule and list what you’re to do for you. AI powered task managers like TimeHero and play a key role in this scenario. These platforms automate day to day development schedules. They develop and recommend priority assignments. They also have an immediate calendar that reorganises features for each update regarding your availability.

AI Incorporates Scheduling Tools

This scheduling tool assists to do the following tasks:

  •         Controlling cost of labour while scheduling the shifts
  •         Automatically reminding the people to take adequate and needed breaks between the working hours
  •         Enhancing scheduling precision in the peak sale events like Christmas
  •         Exactly calculating your workforce requirement for any shift
  •         Removing bias in schedule creation and shift assignment
  •         Assigning proper working schedules based on work experience, tenure, and employees’ availability. It also incorporates the compliance with labour laws.

AI SEO Software

Tasks that are performed manually take a lot of time. Therefore, Artificial intelligence plays an important role to decrease the workload. This technology can be used to:

  •         Compare and study your performance information with your competitors and industry standards.
  •         Automate internal linking, tag management, and technical audits
  •         Upgrading local business listing with search engines and voice assistants
  •         Attaining suggested ranking techniques for current content
  •         Develop pillar pages and topic clusters
  •         Generate content that supports Google core web vitality, customer journey phase and user intention.
  •         See profitable link developing techniques to attain fresh back-links
  •         Find latest focus keywords to target bigger traffic


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