It is good practice to make sure that all your drivers know how to react in the case of a road traffic accident and that they have the relevant details close to hand should they need them for their own protection and interests.

It is also important that they are totally aware of the rules of the road of any state that they are driving through. Different states have different road laws and speed limits in force. By educating your drivers, you are actively cutting down on the likelihood of them being involved in an accident.

It is vital that as a business owner with a fleet of cars or trucks that you know what you are liable for when it comes to your vehicles and the way that your drivers drive.

Make sure that professional help is there

It is important that your employee has the contact details of a personal injury lawyer in east Chicago in their phone and to make sure that they are aware of how they should conduct themselves, for their own interests, should they be unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident. Details of the conduct with other drivers involved in the accident and also with medical staff can be found on the website of a professional and highly experienced car accident attorney. This is for their own interests and protection and getting a personal attorney should be acted upon as soon as possible if there is a collision.

For the security of your business, you will need to be aware of what you are liable for when it comes to your business and its own fleet of vehicles and drivers. Depending on why a collision has happened, it could be something you, as the business owner, will need to look into, especially if it happened due to fault with the vehicle itself, which is purely down to you and your maintenance of that vehicle.

Be flexible when they need to return to work and offer financial support

It is wise to make sure that you have a system in place should one of your drivers be involved in a road traffic accident. Due to driving being their main source of income, it may take a while before they feel that they want to get back behind the wheel of a vehicle, even though the financial burden of everyday life can be large.

You may feel that as their boss, you can offer them flexible working hours or part-time work when they feel they are ready to come back to work, or work that they can do from home while they are in recovery, or even a step into a different role entirely that will require some level of learning or qualification so that they do not necessarily have to go back to driving if they do not want to. Another option is some kind of financial help until any compensation settlement comes through.

Not wanting to get back behind a wheel of a vehicle is not uncommon and should be something that they choose to do as and when they feel ready, rather than having an over-excited boss pushing them to it.


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