Exploring Canada’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem: Key Cities and Industries


The largest tech companies in the world and top tech talent have been flocking to Canada at an unprecedented rate.

In Canada’s main cities as well as in smaller areas where the tech industry is being adequately nurtured, domestic companies and foreign corporations have been opening and developing.

Canada is home to a highly educated people with a diverse cultural background. It has many renowned colleges and technological organizations in addition to having abundant natural resources. A few of its world-class cities consistently rank among the top 10 of lists of the best places in the world to live. Additionally, both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs receive tremendous support.

Hence, business immigration to Canada is one of the most trending solutions for budding entrepreneurs.

Canadian immigration for business purposes includes a wide range of programs and streams. The Start-Up Visa is one such program.

Exploring Canada’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem: Key Cities and Industries

Primarily, the fact that Canada is a friendly neighbor of the United States to the north has encouraged numerous businesses to set up shop there. There are several profitable business-related benefits connected with entering the country, aside from its proximity to the U.S. and the reputation of its citizens as being joyful.

Regarding corporation tax rates, American businesses typically profit from doing business abroad. According to statistics, the national rate in the United States is 21% as of 2019, whereas branch rates are 21%/31% and local rates vary.

It has been made simpler, particularly for local business owners who desire to establish operations up north, thanks to the many traditions that this unique country, Canada, has in common with the United States. The demographics of Canada are comparable to those of the United States.

The top Canadian cities for business startups – Collingwood, Ontario

Simcoe County, Ontario is home to Collingwood. One of the top Canadian cities for entrepreneurs is Collingwood. It received the top rating in the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s (CFIB) Entrepreneurial Communities report. Based on three categories, the CFIB assigned cities a score.

Healthcare, construction, entertainment, advanced manufacturing, and recreation are among the best five most prominent sectors in Collingwood.

Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia’s west coast is where Vancouver is located. The real estate in the downtown area is home to around 40% of technical businesses. The majority of the world’s video game studios are also located there. Since Vancouver is regarded as one of the world’s most livable and environmentally friendly cities, there are more green items available there.

Green building, carbon financing and investment, environmental protection, alternative energy sources, and other industries are among those in the city that are expanding quickly. Business-friendly immigration laws and cross-cultural linkages to Europe and Asia have made it feasible for entrepreneurs to decide on Vancouver as the location of their operations.


Given that Toronto is known as one of the most multicultural towns in the world, it is accessible to foreign nationals looking for a favorable business climate. It serves as the country’s de facto financial, industrial, economic, and technological center as Canada’s largest city.

The city’s reduced cost of R&D (compared to Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, and so forth) has led to over 2,500 to 4,100 businesses calling the city home because of its size and opportunities. the government-sponsored R&D investment reimbursements, which are said to be up to 65% of the investment.

The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), which assists businesses through their many development stages (assisting over 5,500 entrepreneurs to launch new enterprises), is also a crucial part of Toronto’s future in technology.


One of the best 20 startup ecosystems in the world, according to rankings, is Montreal. There are several business options in Montreal. The close-knit community of Montreal regularly assists startup companies through initiatives like Startupfest and incubators like Notman House and Montreal NewTech, among others.

It outperformed all other cities on the list in a recent study that examined the venture capital activity in the city by raising more money ($4.4 billion CAD) than other cities under consideration.

The fact that Montreal has emerged as a global leader in AI in recent years, with Element AI raising over $100 million in VC finance, the greatest sum ever invested in AI, is largely responsible for this significant inflow of funding and support.

Edmonton, Alberta

When you hear Edmonton, you immediately think of the manufacturing and oil industries. Even their ice hockey team goes by the name of Oilers. When oil was found in the town in 1947, the population grew rapidly. Even though the oil industry is still significant, it faces competition from the city’s emerging new industries. This change in the industry is a result of a number of things.

Small company operations are well supported by Edmonton’s neighborhoods. In fact, there are institutions designed explicitly to aid companies. It’s a terrific idea to conduct scientific and medical research in the Edmonton Research Park on a variety of subjects. Within the city, development is promoted through the Edmonton Economic Development Corp.


The Canadian province of British Columbia’s southernmost city is called Kelowna. Kelowna came in first place on the 2016 ranking of the best Canadian cities for entrepreneurs. However, Kelowna has surpassed Toronto and Vancouver as Canada’s two largest cities in terms of its entrepreneurial spirit.

The city’s economy has recently grown, particularly in the technological industry. In reality, the number of technical startups in the area has increased during the last two years. The number of IT companies in the Okanagan region, of which Kelowna is a part, has increased by 13% annually.

High River

Today, High River is a Canadian town primarily secured against flooding.

A few of the features that render such an appealing place to settle down include the abundance of cultural and recreational options, as well as the city’s family-friendly neighborhoods.

Also take note of the town’s more than 1,000 distinctive enterprises, which include restaurants, coffee shops, and fashion stores. For daily requirements, there are numerous churches, supermarkets, and banks available. Additionally, there is live music, a movie theater, and a sizable recreation complex to keep you happy, healthy, and engaged.


In Forbes’ list of the Best Countries for Business in 2011, Canada came in first. Due to its open markets, protection of investors, lack of corruption, low levels of red tape, and relatively low corporate tax rates, the nation took the top rank. Canada is ranked #6 as of December 2018 on the Forbes list, while the United States is ranked #17.

Additionally, the fact that Canada’s economy grew steadily from 2005 to 2014 and weathered the adversity of the financial meltdown, which started in 2008, is commendable.


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