MacOS Sonoma: Everything we should know


Let’s look at the MacOS Sonoma the latest macOS 14

During WWDC 2023, Apple made a notable announcement about MacOS Sonoma, providing a glimpse of the latest system update for Mac products. Sonoma introduces numerous important new features and improvements aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. These enhancements promise to add significant value and functionality to the macOS ecosystem, making it an exciting update for Mac users.

macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma will introduce exciting enhancements to the user interface, especially with regard to screensavers and widgets. The new screensavers will display videos of various places worldwide, providing dynamic and captivating visuals instead of static images. Additionally, the desktop will now remain visible even after logging in, allowing users to interact with widgets and other elements right from the start.

The upgraded widgets in macOS Sonoma will offer greater flexibility by enabling users to freely move them around the desktop. To avoid clutter and enhance the overall user experience, widgets will seamlessly blend into the background when other applications are opened. This prevents the feeling of information overload caused by overlapping widgets.

Additionally, users will be able to access the same widgets on their iPhone, without the need for installation, simply by closing or using the same network.

Overall, these new features in macOS Sonoma are expected to enhance user interaction, personalization, and ease of use on the macOS platform. You can read the differences between macOS sonoma vs Ventura.

Gaming on macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma indeed brings exciting improvements to the user interface, especially concerning screensavers and widgets. The dynamic videos in screensavers, instead of static images, will offer captivating visuals. Additionally, the desktop’s persistent visibility after logging in allows seamless interaction with widgets and other elements from the beginning.

The upgraded widgets grant users more flexibility by enabling free movement on the desktop. The widgets’ ability to blend into the background when other applications are open ensures a clutter-free user experience and avoids information overload.

The widget gallery makes it easy for users to access and manage their widgets conveniently. Furthermore, the integration with iPhones allows users to access the same widgets without the need for installation, making it even more user-friendly and accessible.

Overall, macOS Sonoma’s new features are poised to enhance user interaction, personalization, and overall ease of use on the macOS platform, creating a more enjoyable and efficient computing experience.

Widgets on the desktop

In Apple’s latest update, Widgets have been moved from their previous location in the Activity Centre to the desktop screen, granting users the flexibility to position them wherever they desire. To maintain a distraction-free environment, a clever feature has been introduced: when users open an application, the Widgets automatically turn transparent and tinted, seamlessly blending with the desktop background. This thoughtful design ensures a clutter-free and visually pleasing desktop experience while retaining the convenience of readily accessible Widgets whenever required.

macOS Sonoma: Presenter Overlay, Safari browser, Profiles

macOS is introducing significant improvements to video conferencing with the Presenter Overlay feature. This feature places the user above the content they are presenting, allowing for more dynamic presentations. Users can choose to position themselves in the background or appear as a small circle while presenting. Additionally, gestures can be used to activate effects on video, making presentations more engaging and interactive.

Safari, the web browser in macOS, is getting major updates, boasting itself as the “world’s fastest browser.” Powered by WebKit and already known for private browsing, it now offers even more protection with private windows. Passkeys can be shared securely with trusted members, ensuring end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy.

The introduction of Profiles allows users to segregate their browsing history, extensions, cookies, tab groups, and favourites for different purposes, be it work or personal use. This feature provides greater organization and customization based on individual needs.

Moreover, macOS allows users to create WebApps for any website, which can be integrated directly into widgets. This enables users to access quick snippets of information without any hassle.

Overall, these updates enhance the user’s web browsing and video conferencing experiences on macOS, offering improved functionality, security, and customization options.

New screen savers

In the latest macOS update, you can enjoy captivating slow-motion videos featuring various locations around the world, such as Arizona and Hong Kong. These visually stunning videos can be easily set up as your screensaver, adding a lively and immersive touch to your Mac experience. The slow-motion visuals breathe life into your desktop and create an engaging atmosphere.

Additionally, a thoughtful improvement has been made to the login prompt, which is now relocated to the bottom of the screen. This change ensures that the prompt no longer obstructs the display while the mesmerizing videos play in the background, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and user experience. This small but delightful adjustment adds to the enjoyment of using your Mac and contributes to a more pleasing and visually appealing workspace.

New accessibility features

macOS Sonoma introduces a wide range of accessibility features designed to cater to visual, cognitive, and verbal accessibility needs. Notable enhancements include pronunciation suggestions that appear while using Voice Control to dictate and edit text, making communication more accurate. Users can now pause animated images, such as GIFs, in Safari or Messages, providing better accessibility for those who might struggle with rapid animations.

Furthermore, the Live Speech feature allows users to type messages during FaceTime calls or regular calls, offering an alternative means of communication. Additionally, users can now connect Made for iPhone hearing aids to their Mac, ensuring improved audio accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments.


macOS Sonoma, the highly anticipated upcoming major release, promises to be a substantial and noteworthy update. The introduction of widgets on the desktop, the Presenter Overlay for video conferencing, and the implementation of profiles in Safari are among the exciting new features that will undoubtedly boost productivity and efficiency for Mac users.


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