How Do Video Interviews Help The Hiring Process?

Video Interviews
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With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, most companies have accelerated the adoption of new technologies. From the way they do their daily operations to the hiring process, a lot has changed. Initially, most companies used to invite people to screen them and later hire the most preferred candidate. However, this is no longer the case as most companies are now using video interview software whenever they want to conduct an interview on the shortlisted candidates. Here are the ways in which video interviews help the hiring process:

Helps reduce the hiring costs

It is no secret that interviews can be costly. If you do not get the right candidate, you may keep on scheduling interviews every now and then. This task is not only daunting but also expensive. For employees, they may have to keep going back and forth with the hope that they will pass the interview. This too, adds to the costs that the potential employee will incur in the long run. To reduce these costs, you should consider doing video interviews. This is because such interviews can be done from the comfort of someone‚Äôs home and at one’s convenience.

It is a better and more standardized way of screening candidates

By using a pre-recorded video interview, the employer will have an opportunity to screen all the potential employees in a more standardized way. As a recruiter, you will have more insight on the candidates you want to interview. From the way they are saying it to their body language, there are many aspects that you will evaluate and finally make your decision.

Helps prevent schedule issues

Both the recruiters and the participants have to create time for the interview process. Although this may seem easy, a lot has to be sacrificed. For instance, the participants have to take their time off and attend the interview. The recruiter has to set some time aside for this activity. Sometimes, either of these parties may not be available, and thus may mean that the entire interview process has to be postponed to a later date. To avert all these schedule issues, video interviewing is the ultimate solution for you.

Helps to reduce time-to-hire

Unlike other forms of interviews, video interviews are very efficient. This is because they offer a faster way to screen your candidates who are even miles away from the workplace. As long as the candidate can access the internet and has a laptop or a smartphone, he or she can be interviewed from the comfort of his home. Since this will be done across the board, many candidates can be interviewed at a go and thus reduce the time needed to carry out the entire interview.

Improved collaboration within the recruitment department

Since these videos will be recorded, the entire recruitment department will have a chance to view, comment and even rank all the candidates that have been interviewed. This offers needed transparency in the hiring process. Also, it forms a basis for the collective decision-making process. Consequently, the individuals that will be selected from the interview will be more appropriate for their respective jobs.


Modern companies have appreciated the need to use video interview software whenever they want to hire employees. From reducing the costs of hiring to improving collaboration during the hiring process, there are many reasons why you should consider video interviews today. Consider video interviews today and you will not only hire the right candidate but also enjoy the benefits mentioned above.


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