Summary: When you want to hire Node.js developers, you have to be certain about their development skills. The professionals you hire must know more than just the backend technology.


Node.js has been a preferred choice for many app developers for over a decade. Do you know why? The JavaScript code processing that it implements is extremely quick.

Many other reasons for its popularity include its vast repository of open source libraries, securities, and scalability. Its efficacious performance at a lower cost is another attraction why giants like PayPal, LinkedIn, and Walmart trust Node.js. Node.js is easy to scale as it runs on JavaScript to add to the list. Are these reasons enough to convince you that you need to hire Node.js developers and shift to this advanced technology without blinking twice?

Hiring Node.js experts in a snappy decision may put you at the risk of making a wrong decision. As the person responsible for hiring the best experts in town, you have to ensure that the Node.js developers have more than just a vast knowledge about JavaScript. The chosen Node.js developers must be experts at handling errors, managing the database, and even streamlining the code.

So, the question that arises is how would you figure out that the remote Node.js programmers have the right skill set to undertake your project and deliver a top-shelf application? Well, this blog contains a few template questions that you must ask at the time you hire them.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Node.JS Developers

Asking these questions will help you discern the best set of Node.js experts for your requirements.

Question 1: What Node.js development skills do you hold?

The Node.js development team that you hire must have an excellent grasp over:

  • How to use and deploy scrum and agile diagrams
  • GitHub coding
  • Must be efficient in writing integration test principles
  • Must know about handling complicated coding designs

Question 2: What Node.js development services do you offer?

The basic set of NodeJS development services that the professional team must offer shall include:

  • Building scalable and high-performing cross-platform applications.
  • Develop highly secure and dependable internet apps for large businesses.
  • Make most of the platform with JS integration and migration.
  • Have expert consultation for the development of JS, its installation, customization, etc.

Additionally, you must hire Node.js developers who offer reliable support and maintenance around the clock, especially when the project is developed and deployed.

Question 3: Which cloud platforms do you commonly use?

Holding years of experience is of utmost importance, agreed! However, if the selected Node.js programmers don’t use cloud platforms, their expertise is questionable. See that the firm uses these cloud platforms with Node.js mobile applications.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with Elastic Beanstalk for easy management and deployment of applications.
  • Microsoft Azure to build, deploy, and scale the mobile application.
  • Google Cloud and its PaaS solution to run the Node.js application within a container.
  • Heroku for free Node.js hosting, third-party integration, and detailed, guiding document for beginners.
  • Netlify to import several components from the Git repositories along with faster deployments and drag & drop functionalities.

Question 4: Do you have an understanding and knowledge of DevOps?

Hire dedicated Node.js developers with knowledge beyond just conventional HTTP protocol. The Node.js application development team you hire should have the capability to work on XMPP server/client protocols and even peer-to-peer ones. Such understanding indicates that the team holds a vast and robust knowledge of the latest technology.

Make sure that the developers are DevOps certified, as it will enable them to better handle the app across various databases and servers.

Question 5: What are your Node.js development costs?

This question is very important when you’re thinking about hiring highly experienced Node.js developers. Knowing their cost or charges will help you stay within the budget and make necessary financial arrangements if needed! This question will also give you a hint about the Node.js application’s quality.

Key Takeaways

To build a robust application for your business, the top Node.js developers you are hiring must be able to:

  • Integrate a customizable Node.js API.
  • Must know how to upgrade existing applications.
  • Improve your app performance.
  • Build cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Create Node.js plugins for newer functionalities.


Node.js is used to build various web apps, so whether you want to build a typical web application or a highly scalable app for your business, hiring node.js developers best known for providing quality product delivery will provide better ROI! Your decision has a massive impact on your business organization’s success. So, hire the Node.js specialists who fit your app development requirements!

Take your time to find the best Node.js developers. It can be a tricky process, but every effort you put in will be worth it!

Author Details:

Name: Ashish Parmar

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