How to crack software testing interviews in 2021

Do you hold specialization in some technologies like QAE for both Android handset and Web-based? Are you planning to enjoy a career as a Quality Assurance Engineer? Are you planning to sit for the interview? If you are an aspiring candidate willing to become a QAE, you have landed on the right page. This is a guide for the professionals who want to get placement in renowned IT.

What Do You Mean By Quality Assurance?

QA is the process of supervising and also verifying the services offered by the business to ensure that the end products meet the standards of the market and expectations of the clients.

Although QA professionals might not have any indulgence in the process quality, they are likely to improve the end result to satiate the clients. Organizations will need a QA for two prime reasons: for their services or products.

What Is The Basic Requirement Of The Job?

Whenever you are planning to go for the interview, you need to make a proper revision. Start from the basics of the fundamentals, testing types, and techniques of test designs. This can improve your confidence and also show your ability to the interviewer.

While you check the job description, something might be new, and thus educating will increase the chances of cracking the job.

Common Job Responsibilities:

  • Modernizing the deployment and testing procedure with software
  • Ability to test the codes both by the automated and manual tools
  • Having complete knowledge of testing techniques like black box, white box, and gray box testing
  • Capability of understanding the software internals, debugging issues like log files
  • Ability to work with the software development teams for understanding the features and technical implementations

How to Prepare For the Quality Assurance Interview?

There is no denying that even the most efficient and talented candidates who have the skills will feel nervous when they appear for their interviews.

One of the best ways to perform the best way for the interview without facing any issues is preparing in advance. If you are satisfied with the preparation, then you should start taking the interview process.

These interviews depend mostly on the departments, technology type, job responsibilities, project type, skill type, experience, and the mindset of the interviewers.

Moreover, this interview will also depend on the education, background, and the candidate’s university. The result will depend on the way you can impress the interviewer, your communication skill, and your practical experience.

So let us have a look at the tips to crack interview for Quality Assurance:

  • Learn The Details of The Company:

This might sound very simple, but you have to know about the details of the company. This will make it easy to find the answers to the interview questions asked by the recruiters, like, “What do you know about our company?” Apart from that, this will be beneficial for you to acquire knowledge about the services they offer. This will again help you to understand the kind of skill and knowledge you need. The more you find out the details of the company, the easier it becomes to answer.

  • Put Your Jobs In An Ascending Sequence:

If you have chalked out the names of the companies, then it is always a smart choice to go from the least appealing job first. The reason why we say this is by doing so, you gain the knowledge of the interview questions that you are likely to get from your desirable recruiter. When you get practical experience, you tend to get more confident and offer answers that are more likely to impress the interviewers.

  • Check The Software Testing Tools:

When you are preparing for the interview, you must find out in detail about them. Make sure you have efficiency in accessing the tool to ensure a seamless selection process. Remember, this will have an impact on the decision-making process, and hence you have to give your best shot.

  • Remember your preparation:

If you have prepared for any software testing certification you will know how much the preparation will help in interviews. The knowledge and skills you earn from passing the certification help s a lot in handling the technical side of the interview. To mention one, the ISTQB foundation level is a software testing certification that acts as the foundation for many software testers. Even if you haven’t cleared the certification and just by solving ISQTB mock tests you might have the confidence any software testing interview demands.

  • Dress Well But Be Confident:

When you are choosing the leading IT companies, you must know that beyond your knowledge, you need to look smart and be confident in your voice. Everything you wear, every posture, and undoubtedly your way to answer will be scrutinized. Therefore wear formal attire but make sure you are answering with a confident voice.

  • Try Making Small Talks:

When you meet a stranger for the first time asking and checking your skills, it is undeniably awkward. However, the more you start talking with the interviewers by offering correct answers, it will make the process a bit easier. Prepare to keep a smile on your face, and in case you are unable to answer, you must be direct about it. Keeping a smile and answering smartly always have a bright side on your Resume writing.

Bottom Line

While different interviewers will have different approaches, you should always pay attention to manual testing, as this is the basic step. Remember to present yourself in the best way without exaggerating much about yourself. Let your performance talk about you.

Hopefully, the details about the Quality Assurance interview will be helpful. Just remember to upgrade your skill and have the certification course to validate your knowledge and skill in software testing.


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