How Much Coding Is Required In Data Science?


In the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, candidates usually consider coding as a bridge between reality and their dreams. They always have some questions in mind such as “do they need to know programming to become a data science professional?”, “what are the basic skills that are required to make a career in the data science field?” etc. Well, understanding the perquisites to learn data science is a vast topic, but there is some basic knowledge that you must have to start your career in data science.

People think that data science is perfect for only those individuals who are programming experts, but actually, it is not so. There are many data science experts who start their careers without any prior programming knowledge.

Though having some expertise in programming can help you to get success easily, yet you don’t need to be an expert programmer to become a data science professional.

If you are interested in enhancing your skills and knowledge in data science, you can opt for the best institute for a data science course in Delhi NCR. But lack of programming skills won’t stop you to make a career in data science as well.

You might have come across various myths online that if you want to become a data scientist, you must be a good programmer. Do not pay attention to such sayings. These are just meaningless as to be hired as a data scientist you need to have a diverse skill set and not just coding.

No doubt, programming plays a vital role in the profession of data scientist, but it does not demand expertise in programming also. Industrial experts believe that any individual who is comfortable basics of programming can become a successful data scientist. You can use your other skills such as probability, statistics, hypothesis, etc. to steal the job of the data scientist.

As a data science expert is known for identifying business threats and issues and helps the organization to analyze business opportunities, the job of a data scientist involves mainly communication skills, business skills, modeling skills, analytical skills, and all these stands much above the technical skills.

It is because a good knowledge of such skills helps the individual to work on the volume of the raw dataset, analyze it from different perspectives, build machine learning models and predict the outcomes.

It shows that the only important skill required to become a successful data science expert is analytical skills. But at the same time, you cannot deny the benefits of having a good understanding of programming and coding. Though it does not stop you from starting your data science career yet it adds an interactive point in your career.

Basic data science programming language

When it comes to programming, having knowledge of python, R script, SQL definitely plays a vital role in the data science career. Many large enterprises use SQL in their operations and adopt a data strategy. Thus, if you want to get hired in such companies you would require to possess legacy skills such as SQL, etc. to manage their databases.

Moreover, you can consider Python and R also to work with large datasets and to perform data analytics. In case you want to convert static visualizations into interactive ones, having good knowledge of HTML and java will help you.

Tips for non-programmers pursuing data science courses

  • If you do not possess programming skills, master the usage of GUI tools. It will help to rule out the programming aspect and will surely provide a user-friendly interface.
  • Enhance your communication skills and become a good storyteller. After completion of the machine learning model by programing experts, the company needs someone who can convey the outcomes to stakeholders.
  • Building your credibility with business acumen helps in beating the competition. The company will always consider you a high valued resource even though you are not a programming expert.


When you look forward to having a career in the data science field, do not put yourself to learn to program only. Focus more on other skills such as analytical skills, communication skills, etc. Having knowledge of coding plays a vital role in a data science career but its absence does not affect the work of a data science professional as well.


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