How to Develop a Navigation App like Google Maps?

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Interested in learning how to create a navigation app?

By 2026, the market for navigation apps is estimated to be worth $1.54 billion USD, with a 9.37% annual growth rate between 2022 and 2026. The majority of revenue, 346.10 million US dollars in 2022, is produced in the US. Not only navigation applications are earning high profit but all the travel industries are taking benefits from mobile app development.

The figures suggest that there are profitable chances for business owners and investors in the navigation software sector. That’s the reason business are connecting with Travel App Development Company to develop navigation app and earning profits. A navigation app with appealing features for consumers is a great alternative to consider if you’re trying to stake your claim in the expanding market. Let’s look at how to create a user-friendly navigation app. 

Top features to include in apps that are similar to Google Maps

The most popular map and navigation app in the US in 2021 was Google Maps. Why is Google Maps the most widely used navigational tool? Google, a major player in technology, is where it starts. When you are going to develop any application it’s advised to read some mobile app  development guide so you can have a rough idea of every thing in development period. The list of features included in the Google Maps app is the second factor.

The list of features listed below should be carefully considered for inclusion in your app if you intend to create one that is similar to Google Maps.

Navigation and geolocation

A GPS app’s main component, like Google Maps, is the map. These apps use GPS to find an address and determine the optimal route based on the available information. A reliable navigation program, such as Google Maps, will show you every route you might possibly take to get from A to B while also showing you which one is the fastest. A rough time estimate for your travel, based on your mode of transportation, will also be shown.


For any map application, rerouting is an essential function. When a user of the program takes a wrong detour or encounters an unexpected obstacle, it is very helpful. The app user will have the ability to locate a quick fix without having to wait for many minutes with a rapid reroute.

Voice directions

By including this function, app users will be able to listen to directions while traveling rather than constantly checking their phones. This feature lowers your possibility of missing a turn as well as accidents brought on by distraction.


Notifications are an excellent way to connect with all of your app’s users with a single push of a button. You can use meaningful segmentation to provide customized notifications. Push notifications are also an excellent approach to reactivate inactive users.

Real-time traffic updates

The traffic situation is worse, and while everyone wants to get out, no one wants to be stuck in traffic. You can be informed of the best routes for you by using Google Maps’ real-time traffic information.

Recommendations for building a successful navigation app

The four factors listed below are critical for the effective creation of GPS map apps for Android.

A clear UX/UI design

With an eye-catching design, a mobile app becomes instantly more appealing. Design is no longer limited to the creation of objects. Users can only have the best experiences if developers work with UX in mind.

Design thinking is the best technique to creating the best app, such as Google Maps. This method employs intuition, methodical reasoning, imagination, and logic to generate outputs that satisfy end users.

When it comes to UI, app developers must come up with new ideas. It is recommended to develop contrasting parts and tabs that appear rather huge in order to provide users with ease.

Developers must also choose the most applicable fonts, colors, and icons for free map applications. You may even make the icons more visible.

Battery saving

Users frequently confront the challenge of saving enough charge to reach the intended place while also wearing the battery to stay on the proper route. Is your program similar to Google Maps in certain ways? If this is the case, your app may become lost among so many other functional choices.

Instead, you may create offline maps that users can download for free and utilize in a straightforward manner. When compared to online maps, offline maps save both data and battery life.

Fulfilling requisites of the target audience

Today’s users are continuously looking for smarter navigation. The perfect map location app will not only notify them of traffic bottlenecks, but will also notify them of speed cameras.

Modern navigation systems must direct vehicles to parking lots that are close to their destinations.Instructions by voice

Voice directions within navigation apps are required for safe driving. These apps can notify users of forthcoming turns as well as remind them when they must turn.

Voice commands can also be given on the main monitor in the background and from the lock screen. This ensures that even if consumers are engaged in other activities, they may obtain the directions they require.

How much does it cost to produce apps like Google Maps?

There is a cost associated in developing a simple Google Maps app as well as high-end mapping apps. A navigation app’s price is determined by elements such as project complexity, development company quotations, the amount of attributes, and so on.


Quality assurance – 70 to 100 hours

UX/UI – 160 to 200 hours

Backend Development – 493 to 524 hours

Frontend development – 497 to 593 hours

The total number of hours required ranges from 1220 to 1447.

A useful app like Google Maps may be created by a team of 7 people.

The total cost will range from $49,252 and $56,431.

Final Words

It may appear difficult to create an app like Google Maps, but with our help, you can confidently manage the development process. Always prioritize user experience, integrate real-time data, and make use of mapping APIs. If you’re looking for expert guidance and support, reach out to our Mobile app development company and can help bring your vision to life. Begin your adventure to creating a groundbreaking mapping program that can compete with Google Maps. Contact MobileCoderz immediately and let us guide you to success.