Useful Features of Social Media Contact Center Software for Enterprises

Useful Features of Social Media Contact Center Software for Enterprises

Today’s customers expect the best quality products along with superior customer service across multiple platforms. For businesses, in order to do well in their field, it is essential to adapt all the best practices to meet customer expectations. More than 75% of customers expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations. Before going into detail about how to meet customer’s expectations, let us have a look at what customer expectation actually means? Well, customer expectations can be a set of actions or behaviors that a customer looks forward to when interacting with an organization. The basic expectations can be better quality products and services along with fair pricing. However, with time the expectations of customers have also grown. Today, they expect personalized interaction, proactive service, and a smooth experience across diverse channels.

Nowadays, social media has emerged as one of the most prominent channels for people to reach out to businesses for any kind of query or assistance related to their products or services. Moreover, customers expect excellent service and support through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, it is not enough to be just present on social media channels; businesses must also have a strong strategy on how to keep customers happy and engaged online. It is necessary for businesses to integrate social media with their internal operations and overall contact center strategy. Implementing social media contact center software can be the best way for businesses to connect and engage with their current as well as prospective customers through social channels. The contact center software allows organizations to collect mentions on social media platforms and create tickets for support agents to provide the best possible response to mentions. Even, the marketing team can utilize this software to promote brand awareness.

Features of Social Media Contact Center Solution

Some of the key features of social media contact center software system include:

  • Easy Post Scheduling: The social media contact center solution is a great tool for social media marketers to save a lot of their time and resources while enjoying an increased ROI. By utilizing this software, users can easily schedule their social media posts. They can queue up the social media posts to post them at the right time to the right audiences. The software helps users in managing the entire social media management process, enhances efficiency by allowing them to deliver engaging content and form strong connections with the followers in real-time.
  • Supervise Communication: Many customers post comments or messages about a business’s products or services online. Sometimes, they do not tag or forget to tag the social account of a business about which they are posting the messages or comments. It may be possible that these posts might require a customer service response. So, how businesses can find such posts over social media? Well, the contact center software is of great help in such a case. The software allows organizations to supervise or monitor conversations through social media about their brand so that they can efficiently respond to customers who have any kind of issue even if they didn’t reach out to that business. This helps organizations in delivering high-quality customer experiences on every conversation, which ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Track and Monitor Analytics: The software can also be used by businesses to track the analytical data from social media platforms to analyze how customers are reacting to the social media posts. The gathered analytics can be used to build a strong marketing strategy. Moreover, the data can be used to measure the overall performance of the organization against its social media goals. This also helps an organization to plan and schedule social media content for better results.
  • Geo-Targeting: Geo-targeting helps businesses to target a particular demographic or audience based on their location. The social media contact center system allows organizations to share posts on various social media platforms that target customers in a specific geographic location. Geo-targeting is especially beneficial when a business wants to connect with potential customers in a particular location.


Combining the social media contact center solution with the entire contact center strategy creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to understand their existing as well as potential customers’ needs in a better manner. They can gather all the relevant information about the customers via social media platforms and build the right plan to deliver timely and personalized customer support. All this can help businesses to enjoy impressive growth in the long run.


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