How to Choose Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring?


Be it engagement, wedding, or any other occasion; diamonds always look stunning. No doubt, the shiny diamond top of the diamond seems brilliant. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea to buy diamonds as they are very costly. Only the rich people can afford the diamonds for their wedding or any other occasion. But there is a different side of the story also. As diamonds look stunning, they are difficult to choose also. It is not easy to select diamonds and that too for such a special occasion like your wedding. These days fake diamonds are also readily available, and consequently, you need to distinguish between the real and fake ones. Here’s the perfect guide to choosing diamonds for your engagement ring.

Diamonds for engagement purpose 

Usually, the engagement or wedding purchase is regarded as the most significant one. Diamonds are expensive, and that’s the main reason people are extra careful about purchasing them online or from some store. No doubt, selecting perfect diamonds for your loved one isn’t an easy job. But it isn’t impossible also at the same time. People are unknown about what to look for in a diamond as there are a lot of misconceptions. It is evident that every person wants to have the full worth of the money spent, and consequently, the quality of diamond matters. Here are some of the points you need to look at while choosing a perfect diamond for your engagement.

How to choose diamonds

We fail to realize the significance of choosing a diamond for a couple because it is quite normal. But it holds great value for the couple who is getting engaged soon. This guide will help you in choosing diamonds for your partner.

Diamond’s shape- People wonder from where to start shopping for their diamonds. Then the answer is right in the diamond’s shape. The first thing at which you should look is the diamond’s shape. While looking at the diamond shape, remember to choose such a shape she likes, not what you like. Also, look at the trend while going through various diamond shapes. Most popular diamond shapes include round, oval, pear, emerald, heart, princess, cushion, marquise, and radiant. Most people prefer princess and round diamond shapes.

Diamond size- Second important thing is regarding the diamond’s size. The diamond’s weight is measured in carat. It gives you an idea regarding the diamond’s size. Besides this, it influences the price of a diamond to the most extent. People usually prefer medium-sized diamonds as too small or too large diamonds don’t look best and costly. Keep in mind that you have to purchase other things for your wedding, not only about the diamond engagement ring. Consequently, do not overspend on purchasing your diamond ring only.

Quality and 4cs of diamond- Before selecting and making the final purchase of diamond, you should look at its quality and 4cs as they determine the diamond’s worth and beauty. In any diamond, it is the 4cs only that play an important role. The 4cs of a diamond include cut, color, clarity, and carat. There are chances that you come across the same diamonds, but they differ in price. Understand that this difference is due to the quality only.

Cut is the most important among the 4cs. It directly impacts the brilliance of the diamond. Then there is the weight of the diamond. Next is the clarity of a diamond. If the diamond is free from scratches, blemishes, and any inclusions, then the diamond is of sound quality. Such diamonds are flawless and have high value in the market. Lastly, there is the color of the diamond. As far as the color of the diamond is concerned, then people mostly prefer those diamonds which are colorless. Colored diamonds are less prevalent as they have less value and are also less popular.

Comparison- Do not buy diamonds straight away, even if it appeals to you at first sight. Before buying diamonds, you should compare similar diamonds and then go for that diamond that appeals to you in terms of appearance and quality. It will make things easier for you. Make sure you compare each aspect of the diamond and then decide which to choose and which one to let go.

Certification- This is the biggest mistake on people’s part as they fail to realize the significance of certification while buying diamonds. In this, you need to check whether the diamonds you are purchasing are certified or not. For ensuring the high quality of diamonds, ensure that you only buy GIA certified diamonds or AGS one as they are a renowned one in the diamond market. It also stays away from EGL, IGI, and HRD as they do not enjoy a great reputation in the market and are not reliable ones.

Expert opinion- It is evident that you are a layman while purchasing diamonds. It is completely understood that people don’t have such a vast knowledge of diamonds and are not quite familiar with them. Consequently, it is best to get an expert opinion concerning diamonds, mainly if it is meant for your engagement. The expert opinion beforehand ensures that you get the best quality diamond for your loved one. Also, it will be in your budget, and you’ll feel more confident while shopping for diamonds.

Diamond insurance- Usually, in the wake of the wedding’s excitement, people forget to buy diamond insurance for their ring. A diamond insurance will protect your ring and jewelry from any damage. If anything happens to your ring, it will be compensated by the insurance as you can easily get its claim under the insurance policy. It depends upon you if you want to include it in your home insurance or want a separate ring insurance for that. Engagement ring insurance is vital for everyone, especially for the couple. Consequently, make sure to get one for yourself also before it gets too late.

Budget- Whether you are shopping for your diamond engagement rings or something else, budget is imperative. Without budget, things can get chaotic and clumsy. On the other hand, making the budget will keep you from overspending on one thing too much and will keep it under control. What you can do here is to search a bit about the prices of diamonds and then go about making your budget. Consequently, allot only a specific amount to your diamond engagement rings and go ahead with it.

Her size- People are only concerned about buying a perfect diamond engagement ring for their partner, and in doing so, they completely forget about knowing her ring size. So the first thing you should do before purchasing a ring for her is to get one ring of her size and then buy the ring for her. It will prevent you from mistaking her ring size and avoiding the embarrassing moment later on.

Her style-  Everyone has his/her unique style pertaining to oneself. Make sure you consider her style before buying a diamond ring for her. It is of no use if she doesn’t like it or it doesn’t suit her style. Consequently, her style is of utmost importance while buying diamond rings for her.

Diamond grading report- The next important thing most people miss is that they forget about getting the diamond grading report. There is nothing more crucial than getting the diamond grading report as it is proof of the quality of the diamond. Also, in the future, it can help you in getting a diamond appraisal.

Engagement ring insurance 

The moment you buy a diamond engagement ring should be when you decide to buy engagement ring insurance. Usually, people are careless about purchasing insurance for their jewelry, but little did they know that it will be of great help if anything happens to the ring. But there are specific things you need to keep in mind before buying an engagement ring insurance for your partner. Have a look at these:

Look for the coverage:  The first thing you need to go through is what your engagement ring insurance will cover. Some insurance policies offer wide coverage like situations like theft, repair, damage, or loss. Make sure to discuss this before your insurance provider to avoid any confusion later on.

Discuss all your queries: Don’t keep any doubts or confusion running in your mind, and ask it right away. People usually have questions regarding coverage, repair, and premiums cost. Consequently, clear all your doubts and then purchase the best engagement ring insurance.

Get a diamond appraisal: Things will get easy for you when you have a jewelry appraisal. Because there will be value of your jewelry stated in the appraisal and consequently an insurer will right away do your insurance. There will not be many complications while getting insurance.


We hope that now you have plenty of knowledge concerning buying diamonds and buying a perfect diamond for her. Remember that your wedding is the crucial event of your life and make sure to make the moment special for her.


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