Mental development is quite essential for a satisfactory and enjoyable life. If you’re a parent, you realize the importance of your child’s brain development. From learning the basic skills like walking to playing with the toys, your child experiences a major shift in this age. You can also boost the cognitive development amongst your kids through meaningful and engaging activities. Some activities that boost mental development are busy board, a sensory station, and finger counting. Along with this, you can go for some outdoor activities to boost your kid’s physical health in the long run.

Here are the top engaging activities to try for your child’s mental and physical development.

1. Sensory Station

One of the most crucial aspects of development is sensory aid and recognition. Your child learns to use the senses during the initial stages of infancy. During those days, you can create a sensory station for the faster perception of the stimulus. All you need is the basic toys and other items to create a full-fledged sensory play. It enhances your child’s cognition, and also allows you to take a break from all the chaos. Add items like rice, pasta, blocks, and water to the station. Further, you need to allow your child to explore the station and use the developing senses.

Make sure to be present during these activities as it may turn into an accident sometimes. Or, maybe you could help your child sense the items correctly.

2. Puzzles

Another top-notch way to improve your child’s memory and decision-making abilities is through crossword puzzles. You can choose the puzzle as per your child’s age and development. Also, try to find a crossword answers website to know the directions of use and the solutions. Puzzles stimulate your child’s mental abilities and lead to adequate sensory development. Not to forget, the crosswords are available in a variety of categories and patterns. You may solve the puzzles with your little one to help her get the answers right. With frequent crossword-solving sessions, your kid experiences faster motor and sensory stimulation.

It helps in increasing cognitive skills and allows your kid to learn the difference between whole and parts. Make sure to get a crossword that revolves around vocabulary and reasoning. It will act as a good alternative to toys and help your child in the long run.

3.  Discovery Baskets

Discovery Baskets

Just like the sensory bin, you can create a discovery basket that stimulates your child’s mind. You can create it using specific tools and toys that revolve around a certain theme. Also, the theme-based basket is likely to teach your kid about specific subjects and domains. Some themes to consider are the kitchen, music, or cartoon characters. Make your child take out the specific toys from the basket for adequate learning and memory retention. You can repeat the activity until your child learns the names by heart. But, try to add only child-friendly items that are harmless and attractive.

Stuff in the toys or items of variable shapes, texts, and sizes for a fun-packed activity. Also, avoid using plastic materials and stick to fabrics as well as wool. Get your hands on the basket and create a treasure basket for your little one right away.

4. Learn Phonics

One of the most crucial things to learn during childhood is the alphabet and phonics. You can make your little one master phonics with simple and effective exercises. It helps prepare the kid for the language and enhances the reading abilities. There are many creative ways to incorporate the art of phonics amongst children. You can ask your kid to hunt for letters or choose an item that resembles a specific letter. Also, create some alphabet books and read them with your kid now and then.

Such creative techniques can be life-changing and ease out the entire learning process. Also, it improves the retention of memory and may allow your child to develop a permanent phonic memory. Instead of repeating the letter sounds, you must look for creative and fresh ways to incorporate the lessons.

5.  Plant a Garden

Plant a Garden

Nature is the best healer and provides you with the necessities of life. It’s crucial to teach your kids the importance of growing plants. That’s where the role of gardening creeps in to enrich your little one’s mind. You can plan a gardening spree with your child and make them plant a sapling. It allows the kid to develop better insights into science, nutrition, and growing food.

Along with this, a gardening session is quite stimulating and boosts the mental acuity amongst children. It may even help in feeding your kids the fresh veggies that they grow. Begin the gardening lessons for creative yet stimulating activity.

Bottom Line

Mental stimulating is quite essential to rewire the brain and develop adequate cognitive abilities. If you’re worried about your child’s brain development, you must find out the reliable exercises. Some activities that boost your kid’s mind are the sensory basket, treasure hunt, and creative ways of learning phonics. Along with this, you can go for a short gardening spree to incorporate the value of nature in your child’s mind. All these activities act on the mental sphere and enhance neurological growth. Not to forget, the engaging activities may save you a lot of time and keep your kid entertained for a long time.


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