5 Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Music Today


Promoting your music doesn’t have to be a difficult task. According to the music marketing manifesto, selling your music online is no different from selling anything else. To succeed, you need to:

  • Drive traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Build genuine relationships
  • Tap into what music lovers want

Well, everyone looking to succeed in their career must apply the right tactics. And, those in the music industry are no exception.

So, to maximize your potential, it’s essential to develop a well-planned marketing scheme. Once you have a comprehensive marketing plan in place, you’re good to go. This is when you can now direct your efforts to the most effective strategies to attain the utmost success. Some amateur musicians have found that building an audience on Twitch is sufficient to build a fanbase. Of course, platforms like StreamOZ help as well.

Are you an upcoming musician? Undoubtedly, your goal is to get many people out there to listen to your music creations. It’s important to work smart in promoting your music. 

You must stay determined and use the right marketing strategies. In fact, the music promotion strategies you use will determine how far you get in your career. 

A lot of upcoming musicians are now using social media channels for free music marketing. Statista reveals that Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms for global marketers.

That these platforms help build fan loyalty. And, this is one primary reason why marketers find the most significant value in employing social networks in their promotions. 

How Can You Benefit from Online Music Promotion Support?

The greatest impact of social media marketing is that you can reach your targeted audience faster. Most importantly, you stay engaged with the audience for the longest time possible.

Online channels offer you a platform to communicate beyond your local and social boundaries. Furthermore, they give many possibilities to share user-generated content, such as videos and photos.

The 2021 statistics reveal a total of 4.48 billion people using social media. This is a 13.13% increase from 2020 that had 3.69 billion social media users.

Self-promoting your music can indeed help you market your music further. But, to do even better, you need support from well-established music promotion sites.

So, if you’re looking at how to get your music heard for free, you should maximize the use of free music promotion websites such as HUDL music. This is the best way to get incredible support for your music. 

Those pursuing the pathway of free indie music promotion also get to benefit immensely. The best platform to promote music gives you support together with your:

  • Producers
  • Songwriters
  • Instrumentalists
  • Vocalists
  • Dancers
  • MCs

Other incredible benefits of connecting to the best free music platforms for artists include:

  • You get linked to other different social media channels. This allows your music creations to be seen and heard by more people.
  • You also get to avoid the heavy monthly fees usually incurred in music marketing. This is beneficial, especially for those who’re new in the independent music promotion field.
  • Fans also get connected to the sites to discover your new hits. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the incredible social media marketing strategies you can use to promote your music today. 

What are the Winning Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Music Today?

  1. Maintain a Consistent Social Media Branding

To maintain your social media presence, you must be consistent with your public image. Once you choose a particular style of engaging the social media audience, stick with it. 

Ensure you maintain the same branding on all your social media platforms. For example, you should have the same name on all the media channels. This will enable your audience to identify you across various platforms. 

  1. Discover the Social Platforms that Work for You

Are you looking into promoting your music online? It helps to know that not every social media platform works the same. Some have more users than others, hence more reliable for marketing.

Take an example where you may be using Instagram all the time. As a result, you cannot figure out what other free music promotion websites have in store. 

So, it’s crucial to use different social media sites for your free online music promotion. In fact, that’s how you get to discover the platforms that work best to promote your music.

For example, you may end up realizing that you can’t keep up with the TikTok account. Perhaps most of your target audience are not users of these social media music promotion websites.

In such scenarios, you can pick other platforms (s) that work well in promoting your music online. Indeed, you must direct your efforts to the right places where you can achieve reasonable goals. 

  1. Have a Regular and Receptive Posting Pattern

Are you aware that posting too much of your content every time may irritate viewers? There are ways you can be consistent with your posts without annoying the social media audience. 

You may want to promote your free music on YouTube. You may also want to market some free music downloads. Or, you might desire to push up your listens on iTunes and Spotify. 

You could do all these to get more people listening to your music. But you don’t ‘promote’ your music for the sake of getting results.

Don’t be that one artist who posts more than ten times in a day. You’ll end up clogging your feed, and in turn, annoy fans. They may even term you as ‘toxic.’ 

With too many postings in your promotion music, you’re sure to lose your followers. And, you may lose them as quickly as you got them. 

Instead, ensure you’re making good use of the different features each free music promotion sites offer. A good rule of thumb for how frequent you should post include: 

Twitter– around 1 to 4 times a day 

Facebook– about 4 to 7 times a week 

Instagram– about 1 to 2 times a week

For example, let’s say that you’ve attained the maximum points for posting your music promotion in your Instagram feed. Now, throw in some neutral posts into your Instagram Stories. That way, you manage to keep your posts running smoothly. 

It also helps you to draw out how often you would want your posts to go out. This will enable you to avoid scenarios where you get ahead of yourself.

  1. Post Content that Adds Value to Your Online Audience

Do you know that most of your social media followers will often care about your music? Because of this, you must endeavor to post relevant things.

To get utmost priority, ensure you post things like:

  • New music
  • Gig schedules
  • Future collaborations

Posting only the fun activities you share with your band doesn’t work as an effective social media strategy. Such information doesn’t add value to the audience. This is because the content does not help the audience in any way.

So, don’t abuse your freedom to free music promotion services to post anything you want. 

Remember that sharing irrelevant updates will take away your promotional power. So, avoid providing dull and unexciting updates that are inappropriate to your music. 

When you do this, your fans will end up losing interest. As a result, they’ll pay less attention to your music promotion.

So, ensure that you prioritize what’s important. That way, you get the most out of every social media update. But, don’t get this wrong. It doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t share some brighter side of your life. 

For every two or three music-related posts, you can do one other post. Your audience also needs to know a bit about your life.

Furthermore, mixing different types of posts will enable you to deliver more potent social media messages. For example, you can combine a one-liner about your new single hit with a short video of the recording experience you had.  

Such steps will attract more visitors to your free music promotion services. Besides, the same approach will work if you also want to share some funny or touching updates.

But, if you’re planning for a free album promotion, let your message point majorly to promoting the album. 

  1. Be Genuine in How You Engage Your Fans

What’s best about social media is the ability to engage your fans in real-time. To bond with them, you must be your most genuine self. 

This is an excellent place also to get familiar with the kind of music promotion posts that perform best on your social media platforms. That way, you can focus on what works and avoid wasting your time on what doesn’t seem to work. 

The more you present your content in a personal and genuine way, the better your fans will connect with you. 

Get to know that your audience can tell if you’re not genuine with them. And, once they know you aren’t real, they’ll surely stop engaging with you.

You can even make your audience a part of the creative process. For example, you can post a piece of a new song you’re working on and let your fans decide the name. 

Such things will make your fans feel like a part of your music instead of just consumers. You can also inform them how to download your music for free and where to download your free music.

Concluding Thoughts

Establishing yourself and building your name on social media takes time and effort. This implies that you don’t have to be discouraged if everything seems not to go well at first. 

Remaining consistent with advertising your music will reward your efforts in the long run. So, you need to continue making use of the free platforms to upload music.

The key here is to find out which social media platforms work for you. Ask yourself, what best free music promotion sites is your target market using most? And, how can you make the most out of it?

Most importantly, your purpose should be to satisfy your audience. What you should remember is that; you need to focus entirely on your viewers’ interests. It should be all about what they find educational, interesting, or entertaining.


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