How To Give Yourself an EDGE In Blackjack!


The concept of an edge in online blackjack is complicated and has many different meanings. It’s impossible to fully explain the subject of this sentence in a few short paragraphs. The article tries, but it fails to do. For this reason, I have written this article that goes into more depth about the topic.

When trying to give yourself an edge, there are many ways you can do so depending on what your objectives are as well as your level of risk tolerance. The blackjack card game is often cited as one of the few casino games that can be beaten.

Know the basics

This will help you when playing a game that you have little experience with. Knowing the live blackjack card game rules can help you understand the basics and allow you to make better decisions.

When playing online blackjack, it is important to know as much about the game as possible. If you lack knowledge about blackjack, it may be difficult for you to make a good decision.

Know Your Opponent’s Strategy

Knowing how your opponent is playing is vital to determine when splitting is a good move and when it isn’t. Knowing how much of an edge you are giving up by splitting can be critical to deciding which hand to double down. The number of hands you can hold is limited, so knowing when to hold/split is vital.

Know Your Table & Dealer

The key to knowing exactly how your table deals are when the deck is going to bust; knowing how many decks a dealer will shuffle before dealing the next hand can be vital in determining whether or not you should double down or split.

The key to not being cheated by the house hands here is simply identifying whether they are beating you or not. Identifying these cards will allow you to make better decisions and avoid the mistakes that some players fall victim to.

Learn to Split cards

One way to give yourself the EDGE in online blackjack is to know when and how to split your cards, what hands offer you the most points, and how to figure out whether or not it is worth doubling down on a hand.

Determine Your Odds

Evaluating whether you are getting an edge is about knowing what the odds are for a given situation. The value of doubling down on a hand can differ vastly based on the odds of doing that split. Knowing the odds of each possible outcome from splitting, doubling down, splitting again and holding your most ideal hand is important. It’s all about seeing whether or not you can get more points from doing that split by making a certain decision.

Learn about Card Counting/Basic Advantage Strategy

Some people may know that a row of three cards needs to be matched to win. Others might not. But this doesn’t make card counting any less powerful. Those who are used to playing online blackjack, and those who want the best chance of winning, keep reading!

Card counting can be crucial in giving yourself the EDGE in blackjack. It requires an immense amount of practice but is highly recommended for those who want to gain an edge.

A card counting system is just a way for you to understand which cards have been dealt during your hand so you can play all other cards mathematically, following how likely they are to beat other possible hands being dealt. It incorporates some basic math skills but does not require mathematical understanding or training. Even someone completely new to math can successfully use it if they follow the instructions.

There are two different types of card counting you can do: Basic or Advanced.

Basic Card Counting (BAC)

This is the easiest method and involves using your knowledge of the cards to guess what cards you have been dealt.

Knowing the average value of a hand gives you an advantage over those who don’t know the value of their hand. For example, if the dealer is getting a 6/6 and getting a 5/5, your odds of winning are much higher than the dealer’s. The more experience you have at online blackjack, the easier it will be to determine your hands worth. pg The basic card counting system is used to predict which cards will beat a 3/3.

Advanced Card Counting (ACC)

This card counting system is highly accurate and requires less practice than Basic Card Counting (BAC). With ACC, you can count cards using point totals for each hand rather than by looking at individual card values. This makes the system more difficult to learn but much more accurate.

This also applies to casinos having card counting as a violation of their terms of service. As far as it goes, that’s fine. These are private entities, and they can enforce whatever rules they want. However, some online blackjack players take issue with this because they claim it’s a form of cheating in itself for the casino to ban a legitimate strategy tool from use in their games.

Keep Track of Your Cards

This is a basic strategy that many people ignore. This means you must know whether you have the card advantage or not in any given hand. This will allow you to play cards effectively.

Know Basic Hand Values

Another way to give yourself the EDGE in blackjack is to know how to play certain hands and calculate their values. For example, if you hold a Jack or Queen and a 10 comes out of your next card, you will walk away with an average of about 2.

It’s important to know the odds of winning vs. losing because it will give you a sense of how likely you are to win. The more hands you play in a row for the same dealer, the more accurate this becomes for using.

It is a fast way to determine whether or not you are winning the game when playing cards. Two’s and tens beat fives, and twos and nines beat sevens; that’s a common rule of thumb for hand values.

Minimizing the Effect of House Edge

House Edge is the factor that determines whether or not your expected return is positive or negative. However, House Edge in blackjack is not as large as other games such as video poker and even slot machines. Knowing how to minimize this effect will give you an edge in your game of blackjack online.

This is how you reduce the effect of the house edge. The easier this is to accomplish if you play less often with a small amount of money. Many people think that playing $20 more at a time means they will have an advantage because they’ll be down hundreds of dollars in just a few hands, but that’s not really how it works.

Final Notes

It’s recommended that you follow the money management guidelines and tips when playing online blackjack for real money. A few dollars won’t make or break your bankroll, but it might help you win more in the long run if you follow the rule of never betting more than 2% of your bankroll on the one hand.

The best way to increase your odds of winning is by playing at casinos lenient about card counting. In Las Vegas, the casino count just about every hand dealt, so card counters can easily get caught. There are, nonetheless, other regions in the United States which don’t have such a rule.

One way to beat the dealer is to play at online casinos that offer online blackjack games. While it is more difficult to win at blackjack casinos, these casinos have a low house edge and good bonuses for players.

By following the simple rules and tips mentioned above, you’ll have an easy time winning at blackjack online with minimal effort.


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