How To Learn About Instagram Completely In One Post


Instagram (commonly called IG or Insta) is a social media networking application that allows its users to upload images, videos, stories, reels. There are inbuilt filters in the app, and the users can edit their pictures by the inbuilt editing tools available. So, here we will discuss all you need to know about Instagram in just one post. 101 for Instagram newbies, so let’s began: 

1. Account sign-in

The first and foremost step is to set up an account. 

  •   You need to choose a username; this can change afterward if you feel like it. ·   Here, you need to create a password. 
  •   After password set-up, you will have the option to add the phone number and mail ID. 

Now, you are all done with the account sign-in and ready to start using it. 

 2. Edit profile

Now let’s edit your profile so that people know you better.

  • Go to your profile and then go to edit profile. 
  • Now set up a nice profile picture from your gallery, or you can click the photo on the spot too. Instagram also gives you the option to import images from Facebook so that you can select from there too.
  • After this, you can add your name and bio, which are visible to other users. 
  • You can also add website links if you want to. 
  • Instagram also allows users to switch to professional accounts to provide free analytics ( Read till the end to know more about the business accounts. )
  • After this, you can add personal information, including mail ID, phone number, gender, and date of birth. 

This was all about profile set-up. 

 3. Now, let’s move on to finding your friends on Instagram 

    You can search users on Instagram through their name and user ID.  

  • Using the search feature, you can send follow requests to your friends, family, and everyone you know. 
  • You can also accept follow requests which others send you when your account is private. In a public account, anyone can see your posts and can follow you.
  • You can also follow pages on Instagram for engaging content.   

Like this, you follow and accept requests and improve your feed. 

  4. Posting stories live and creating reels

  •   You can add Instagram stories (these are visible for 24 hours) by pressing on your profile’s icon on the home screen.
  •   You can add photos, posts, live photos as stories.
  •   Apart from this, you can create reels on Instagram as you like from its reel feature.
  •   You can set up your close friends’ list by selecting “edit close friends list,” Only these people can see your story when you choose to share your stories to close friends.
  •   Insta live is an exciting feature where you can go live, and your followers can view your live status; they can comment on it too, you can interact with people through this. 


5. Instagram post

 Now it’s time to share some good memories through posts.

  • Swipe right from the home screen, and here you will find various options, where one of them will be to post. Select this.
  • Here you have first to select the photos or videos you want to post; Instagram allows a maximum of 10 images per post.
  • After selecting all the photos and videos.
  • Now you can edit the selected content with various tools provided by Instagram. 
  • After completing the editing, you can now add a caption to the post; here, you can write something suitable and catchy to attract viewers. You can also add hashtags to increase the reach to more people when you have a public account. 
  • You can also tag accounts if they are related to your posts, and you can also add a location to the post.
  • After all these edits, Instagram can also post this same post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr if you want to. 
  • And finally, you can go further and post. 
  • If you find some posts really amusing and want to save them offline, some video downloaders will help you in downloading videos easily from Instagram.

6. Browsing through the feed

 You get many posts, ads, reels in your feed. You can like these by double-tapping or by tapping on the heart provided. You can comment on the posts by typing and posting; you can also share the posts through messages and your story by selecting the sharing icon.

 If you find something offensive, you can report the same by tapping the three dots and then selecting to report.

 You can save the posts you like to the collections. This option is provided at the bottom right end of any posts. You can visit the added collections by going to your profile, and then you have to go to “saved.”

7. Messaging and other features

  •   Instagram allows messaging people. You can start a conversation by searching the name of the account you need to message.
  •   You can check your inbox by tapping on the top-right icon available on the home page.  
  •   You can randomly browse by selecting the search icon here. You will find various posts according to your searches and like posts. 
  •   You can check who has liked and commented on your posts by going to the heart option available at the bottom. Here you can also check for the friend requests you have received (if you have a private account) 

8. Business account

 Here you can market and advertise your work; when you switch to a professional account, you get real-time metrics on your content all day and promote your posts directly to attract more users. 

You can follow these steps to start your new account and rock and roll your experience, share it with your friends and family to give them a better experience.

Have a fantastic day ahead!!


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