How to secure your devices from Ethical hacker

Ethical hacker

Cell phones have become a composite segment of our lives. Outcomes of the recent research show that 75.4% of respondents feel that they’re dependent on their cells. Besides, almost 66% of respondents announced checking their smartphones around 160 times each day! Presently, we’re not here to pass judgment on anybody’s versatile addictions. However, we would like to assist you with reviewing how to shield your software devices, especially smartphones, from hacking attacks.

In case you’re pondering “how to resist hackers from influencing my smartphone,” or what you’ve gone to the exact spot. In this article, we’ll cover seven simple-to-follow tips that will assist you with shielding your smartphone against any hacking attack.

In this article, we will have a glance over seven easy-to-apply tricks that may enable our devices with security from any eminent hacking threats:

1) Keep Your Lock Settings On

At this time, we presume that you have put in use your smartphone’s screen-lock feature guarded with a ginormous password. You might have opted for a thumb or fingerprint, facial, or any other intricate dot pattern for security. This security tool is pretty conducive during any of the hacking attempts on your device.

Moreover, keep in mind that this security tool is not foolproof and can be bypassed by hackers. Therefore, keep multiple security mechanisms in mind and action.

2) Install Security Software’s

Antivirus and anti-malware software is not just confined to PCs. You ought to install such software on your smartphones to secure your cell from hackers. When you scroll online, a variety of malware such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc may be installed on the smartphone. These can be downloaded through malware holding sites. Your device can also be hacked via hostile emails or applications.

3) Activate the Bluetooth Connection Loss

Pair your smartphone to your smartwatch and activate the Bluetooth connection loss (or whatever term your particular gadget utilizes for it) warning element on it. Both Android and Apple watches have this element. At whatever point the watch loses its Bluetooth connectivity with the cell phone, it sends a notification to the user. When you are in a public spot and your telephone leaves a specified range, the smartwatch will tell you right away.

4) Cautious Downloading

As the saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold”. Therefore, try to be judicious with your selection of app-downloading. Try to be sharp-eyed whenever opting for downloading any kind of files, photos, videos, or other email attachments.

5) Avoid SIM Swapping

Sim swapping mishap occurs when a hacker attempts to call the service provider and request to replace the actual Sim card. This illegal swapping can be made if the hackers have access to any of your credible information. It can be any of your passwords, identity proofs, etc. Please! Avoid sharing your stuff.

6) Keep Updating OS

The operating system (OS) of your device plays a pivotal role in protecting any eminent hacking attack. This protection implies that you must keep on updating your OS to retain security.

To settle the misconception of the users, OS updates are not limited to a software outlook or features only. Some people consider their ease with old OS and therefore do not put effort into updating it. On the other hand, they ignore the fact that such updates add a lot of security to your cell phones.

7) Avoid Employing Public Wifi

Hackers are best at getting undue advantage of the connections available at public places. It is usually dubbed as the Man in the Middle (MithM) hacking. Therefore, to consider how to secure your smartphone from hacking hunters, better avoid using public Wifis. It is further advisable to use cellular data comparatively to such networks.

Moreover, you should also ensure that whenever using the smartphone hotspot connection, guard your cell with some secure password. Security tips further imply that you should avoid doing your professional work, especially on any credible and sensitive data, on such connections unless you are sure about its security.

Keep in mind! If the risk of any eminent threat is running in your mind, kindly turn off your cell phone. Moreover, you may also extract the battery of the cell and rug it under a pillow to ensure security. Believe me! Above mentioned tools will secure your device and data from any eminent hacking attack.

Author bio:  Jack Smith is a senior digital marketer at DealMeCoupon, engaged in the marketing and promotion of leading brands. His work depicts a strong read and understanding of the current market trends, helping brands to outperform others.


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