How video interviews can help in speeding up recruitment for staffing agencies?

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The ongoing pandemic has completely changed the manner in which businesses operate. It has also indefinitely changed our recruitment processes as well. Conducting interviews remotely, working from home and remote onboarding is very common amongst teams. Video interviews have proven to be an effective method for screening and interviewing candidates in recent times. In this blog, we are going to understand how video interviews can help in speeding up recruitment for staffing agencies.

What is a video interview?

Video interviews can be simply put as a novel mode of interviewing candidates on a video instead of following the traditional interviewing methods. Video interviews replace interviewing methods such as phone screening, preliminary interview rounds, etc. It simplifies your interview process and optimizes it so that you can achieve more in less time. It helps you focus on candidates and the actual interviewing process rather than interview scheduling.

How do video interviews work?

Video interviews offer you a seamless and quick mode for interviewing candidates. Using video interviewing software like Jobsoid, you can schedule interviews for multiple candidates at a time. All you need to do is decide on the questions that you wish to ask your candidates and add them to the interview questions section. You can set an answer time for each question. You can also set a preparation time for every question so that your candidates can plan their responses. Once the questions are set, you can schedule the interview. Every video interview you schedule should have an end date that serves as a deadline for the candidates to complete the interview.

One of the excellent benefits of video interviews is that your candidates can answer their interviews at the convenience of their homes. They can answer it at the time and day of their preference before the end date of the interview. All candidates’ responses will be captured and presented as a playlist on their respective profiles. You can view the responses in just a few clicks and evaluate them for their suitability for your job roles. You can also share your feedback in a scorecard by rating your candidates on certain review criteria.

How will video interviews speed up recruitment for staffing agencies?

Video interviews have brought about amazing transformations in the recruitment processes of many companies. Here are some of the benefits of using interviews to speed up your recruitment process.

  1. Video interviews help you in speeding up your candidate screening process.

With video interviews, you do not have to schedule preliminary interview scheduling rounds to evaluate your candidates for the job roles. Thus, you do not spend ample of your time discussing an interview time with your team as well as candidates. You can schedule video interviews in a few clicks and get started with the candidate screening process. In addition to this, it helps you in speeding up your candidate submission processes as well.

  1. Video interviews help you hire quality candidates.

Every organization has unique recruitment needs. What may be a strict ‘No’ for one organization could be the best fit for another. Video interviews help you understand your candidates better and gauge their skills and capabilities. It helps you gain deeper insights into the candidate’s knowledge about the job role and industry on the whole. Better candidate screening aids you in shortlisting candidates faster and thus, helps in faster candidate submissions. To sum up, video interviews offer you a medium to hire quality candidates for your jobs.

  1. Video interviews help you to save time and hiring costs.

Video interviews speed up your hiring processes by a great deal. It reduces the amount of time you spend on screening applicants and conducting interviews. Furthermore, it cuts down on your recruitment costs drastically as all the processes are accelerated. Hence, video interviews help you save time and hiring costs and focus largely on making the best hires.

  1. Video interviews strengthen your brand image.

In this candidate-driven recruitment market, building your talent brand is crucial for success at hiring. Candidate experience plays a major role in strengthening your employer brand. It helps you promote your company culture and your work atmosphere. It also helps you tailor candidate experience according to your company’s needs and requirements. Your candidates will feel welcomed. They will understand that you care about your candidates.

  1. Video interviews are the most feasible solution of recent times.

Considering the current pandemic situation, calling your candidates in for onsite interviews is risky. Video interviews will rule out this risk as your candidates can answer it from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, your candidates do not have to take a leave or work break from their current company in order to answer your interview. Video interviews also ensure that your entire team can collaborate and make informed decisions about shortlisting candidates for the available roles.


Video interviews add a new dimension to your existing recruitment processes. It promises to maintain a perfectly cordial relationship with your candidates via seamless interviews and regular recruitment-related updates. It optimizes and speeds up your existing recruitment processes and helps you make faster candidate submissions. Try out Jobsoid Video Interviews today and bring about a change in your hiring.

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