Mechanical Water Flow Meter for Industrial Applications

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Water flow measurement requires unique measuring instruments called water flow meters. Although these flow meters are commonly used in our homes, they also play a big role in industrial water flow measurement. A device used to ascertain the accurate flow of water flowing through a pipe or an enclosed channel is known as a flow meter. A flow meter is an ideal water flow measure instrument considering that different equipment is needed to measure different flow rates.

To get the best of a flow switch you use when measuring flow rate, you need to pair it with the right application. If you are unsure what flow meter to use, the water flow meter manufacturer will give you specifications and the ideal type of fluid you need to measure. There are also other circumstances that you need to consider before selecting a water flow meter; here are a few factors to consider. These factors. The industrial application to be used, the cost of buying such a tool, and maintenance needs.

If you measure the water, you need special flow measurement devices that produce high accuracy flow rate readings. The operator can measure clean water, hot and cold water, and slurries with a water flow meter, making it versatile. The selection of water flow meters helps determine which kind of application it will be used for. You can get industrial flow meters to determine the flow rate of additives, polymer, lubrication oils, and printing ink. Fluid water flow meters are used to measure wastewater and fluids used in pharmaceuticals. When using these water flow meters, some of them will allow you to accurately know readings in multiple pipes. If there. If there are changes in the flow system, some of these flow meters have sensors to adjust flow accordingly.

If flow rate measurement is not available, it would be hard to establish whether the required flow rate is sustained. The failure to make up the flow rate can lead to the bursting of pipes or storage tanks. This article will look at how mechanical water flows meters work and mention various types of flow meters and their applications in industrial processes.

What is a Water Flow Meter? 

To simply define a water flow meter, it is a device used to determine the movement of fluid inside a pipe. Since there are various water flow switch types, they are grouped into categories. Each water flow meter category has its benefits and setbacks when applied correctly in an industry. Water flow systems must run efficiently to ensure that the flow rate is regulated.

When the flow rate is low, solids carried along with the water are suspended from settling at the bottom of the pipe due to low velocity. This will interfere with the pipe’s efficiency in the long run and even damage the pipe due to contaminant buildup. The reasons for using water flow meters are quite many, so they come in varying designs for different industries. One of the reasons why flow meters are required in various industries is ensuring that fluids reach their processing stages in time. When the flow rate is regulated, efficiency and cost of operation are maintained.

Water flow meters are also vital instruments used to ensure that the storage tank is properly balanced and while the water keeps flowing. A slight drop in flow rate indicates that the water flowing through the pipe loses quality and needs treatment. The quality of the final product, as well as safety, is essential in certain applications. That is why a water flow meter is important in such systems to provide this information. The type of water flow switch used in an application will determine how it is installed in a water flow system. While some are easily installed in a pipeline, other types require experts since their installation is complex.

Types of Water Flow Meters Used in Industrial Processes 

In the water flow measuring industry, various types of flow meters are installed and used in different pipe sizes. The extensive knowledge of these water flow meters is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency is attained. In applications that measure or process water, one type of flow meter can be used and still give acceptable readings. However, some water flow meters are built specifically to cater to a particular application. This is especially essential if accuracy is at stake. To help you understand better how different flow meters function in certain applications, we have mentioned a list of water flow meter types and their proper applications in industrial processes.

Mechanical Water Flow Meters

The most commonly used water flow meter types are mechanical flow meters. One of the reasons these types of flow meters are common is that they are inexpensive compared to other flow meters. Turbine rotations are used to determine the water flow rate in these types of flow meters. Mechanical water flow meters come in three basic designs including, shunt, propeller, or paddle design. The speed of the rotating blades determines the flow rate. Mechanical water flow meters have moving parts inside them, meaning that they are not suitable to measure dirty fluids since they can clog easily and interfere with water flow rate measurement accuracy. They are also not suitable for measuring slurry liquids as they may also tamper with the readings. This also means that mechanical water flow meters also require constant maintenance and calibration to ensure that the needed accuracy is retained.

How to Use a Water Flow Meter 

A basic flow rate measurement is provided when you are using any kind of water flow meter. The measurement, shown as m3 on the meter, is provided to the user as cubic meters. It doesn’t matter if the display is electrical or mechanical; the readings will remain the same. The readings will determine the water quality in cubic meters that are moving through the water flow meter per second. The radius of the pipe should be considered when measuring the flow rate if the pipe is circular. For flow systems and devices installed in a rectangular position, the user must consider the width and the height.

Using a water flow meter, you will have the ability to determine if the flow rate is ideal or not. You will know that something has reduced the water flow rate if the readings provided are lower than usual. It may be that something prevents the water from passing inside the pipe, or the water flow meter is broken and needs to be fixed. The flow you want to maintain and the type of application will determine what you want to do once you get the readings. You will be forced to treat the water to remove contaminants if you notice that the flow rate is slower than usual.

How to Choose a Water Flow Meter for Your Application

You need to consider several factors when you are looking for a proper water flow meter. These factors will help you make the right choice when looking for a water flow meter for your application. Below are some of them:

  • The required accuracy levels of your application
  • The longevity of your flow meter
  • The maintenance requirements of your flow meter
  • Operation requirements
  • Installation cost and requirements
  • What the flow meter can accommodate in terms of the flow measurement range

Once you understand what is required in your application and look for a flow meter that matches your demands, you may head over to a reputable vendor and purchase your water flow meter. Flow meters are categorized into four major categories: it will be easier for you to choose the right type of flow meter based on working principles. If your application requires higher accuracy levels, you will need to purchase a more complex and expensive flow meter that is compatible to meet your accuracy depends. The type of flow meter you decide to buy also determines the pipe size you will use and how you are going to install it.

Other flow meter categories include:

  • Vortex Flow Meters
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Magnetic Flow Meters

Each of these flow meters operates under a given working principle when measuring flow; that is why it is important to understand what is required in your industrial application.


Water flow meters are essentially necessary if you want to measure water flow in your system. Since numerous types of flow meters are available in the market, you need to understand your industrial needs first by buying a water flow meter. If you are not sure what your water flow system requirements are, ask the vendor or the manufacturer to guide you on how to use the flow meter.

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