5 Movies Every Medical Student Should See


Medical students are often misinterpreted as dull and boring people.

But, we think given the right spice of life, even they can be fun.

If you are dating a medical student and are planning to take him on a movie night date, we have some perfect options for you on this list. 

You can download these movies from The Pirate Bay or stream them on popular OTT sites. But, whatever you do, make sure you do justice with this list by giving them your complete attention.

So, let’s get started: 

1: Young Doctors In Love

Just because we are recommending these movies to medical students doesn’t mean they have to be deadly serious.

Medical students can also watch a movie with a fun-filled plot where a medical trainee faints at the sight of blood; another one flirts with the head nurse to get the drug cabinet keys while a mafia is on the loose.

You can watch this movie with your pals and think of which one of these characters resembles someone in your class.

Garry Marshal did his best to make this comedy-drama a success, and we can’t agree more with him because we had a pretty good laugh as we watched the film. 

2: Patch Adams

Hunter Patch Adams was struggling with mental health issues before he decided to become a doctor himself.

His approach to treating patients differs from the conventional norms because he preferred treating them with humor.

He forms a deep bond with Carin Fisher, a medical student, as his career progresses.

Things were going pretty well until something terrible happened to Fisher, forcing Adams to reevaluate his treatment approach. 

This semi-biographical comedy-drama can inspire you to try different treatment approaches with patients to help them forget the condition they are suffering from, even if it is temporary. 

3: Contagion

If you are a medical student who likes thrillers, Contagion is the movie you should go for.

Since we have recently faced the impact of the Covid19, a pandemic situation does not seem so elusive right now, does it?

Well, Contagion deals with a similar storyline.

It shows the storyline of Beth Emmehoff returning to Minnesota after a Hong Kong business trip and feeling the symptoms of being jet-laggged.

However, to everyone’s surprise, she dies after a few days, and the doctors have no idea what killed her.

The story follows the natural outbreak of the Nipah virus, which has a fairly higher mortality rate, and it’s a thriller that will keep your heart racing. 

4: Something The Lord Made

Have you ever heard of Vivian Thomas?

If you are in the medical field, it’s possible you have heard the name because this man broke racial barriers in the medical field during The Great depression.

He helped develop surgical procedures with Alfred Blalock to treat the Baby Blue Syndrome.

The disease can now be easily diagnosed with a simple methemoglobinemia drug test, thanks to their groundbreaking work.

If you are training to be a doctor, this movie is a must-watch as it teaches you to think of your patients first when it comes to treating them, keeping the racial or superiority barriers aside.

5: Girl, Interrupted

The chilling story of Susanna Kaysen is something that all medical students and professionals should see if they want to know how mental health treatment proceeds from the patient’s perspective.

Susanna spends 18 months at a renowned mental institution where she can choose between the world inside and outside.

It was one of the first Hollywood movies that shed light on the seriousness of women’s mental health conditions.

Both Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie did a stunning job in their roles.

You are bound to be emotional by the end of the movie because their stories will surely make you cry. 

Final Thoughts

There you go!!!

We have mentioned the top movies every medical student should see to understand their profession a little bit better.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that these movies will tell you how to become doctors. We are simply saying that by watching them, you will learn all the different flavors of the medical field. 

Hence, if you want more information on them, reach us in the comment section below. We will get back to you with a reply shortly.