6 Best Gaming Stores Online In 2022


Here is the list of best gaming stores online; if you are looking to buy games or gaming accessories, then these are the ones you should choose.


Steam is a Valve game distribution service. It was first released on June 30, 2003, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The Steam client software allows users to download games from the Steam Store directly to their computers or other devices via an internet connection.

In addition to being used as a storefront, Steam also offers its own in-game content delivery system called Steamworks. This includes features like cloud saving and matchmaking that allow players to play together over the Internet. The pricing starts from $5 all the way to $19.99. It is one of the best online gaming platforms in the world.

Steam has millions of games listed in its database. You can search for a game by name, genre, platform and more. It is the best platform to buy games in 2022.


GOG.com is a video games and films digital distribution platform. They distribute DRM-free PC games on CD, DVD or USB drive, as well as Mac OS X and Linux software. We offer an extensive catalog of titles in various categories like action, adventure, business, card & board, casual, strategy, simulation, sports, and many others. GOG.com is known for offering great deals on AAA titles.

The company’s website offers a variety of ways to browse through their catalog. Users can filter based on price, release date, rating, popularity, and much more. They have a separate section dedicated to indie games which include both new releases and older classics.

The prices start at $4.95 for a single title up to $49.95 for a bundle with multiple games.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, is a digital storefront for video games and other content. It was founded in 2012 by Greg Wohlwend (writer of The Room), who also wrote the script for the game. Humble Bundle has since expanded to include other types of media such as books, movies, music, and comics.

There are two main sections on the site: Games and Books. In the Games section, there are bundles where customers pay what they want for different games. There are three tiers: Pay What You Want, Pay More than You Want, and Pay Less than You Want.

There are also “Pay What You Can” options where customers get access to some of the games in the bundle for free. The price ranges from $0.00 to $100.00.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can always check out the Free Game of the Week.

Zestro Gaming

Zestro Gaming Is the Pakistan online computer store that deals in all kinds of gaming components and peripherals. If you are in Pakistan, then this is the computer store you should visit. They offer graphic cards, custom gaming pc, gaming mouse, keyboards, and dozens of gaming products.

The gaming store offers a variety of discounts every month, and if you want to improve your gaming experience or build a complete gaming setup, then there is no better option than Zestro. The pricing starts from $2 to $1600. They have listed trending as well as the latest gaming accessories at affordable rates.


GameFly is a privately held American online video game rental subscription service that specialises in providing games for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles. The company was founded by Kevin Chou, who previously worked at GameStop as the director of digital distribution.

You can rent games by mail or download them directly to your console. The minimum monthly fee is $9.99. The maximum amount you can rent per year is $300.

In addition to renting games, Gamefly also sells used games. Customers can purchase games at full retail price and return it after playing it for 30 days. This means that you can save money by purchasing used games instead of buying new ones.

Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store is a Microsoft Windows and macOS game storefront operated by Epic Games. It was announced on March 9, 2019, that the store would be available in all regions of the world except China.

On June 4, 2019, it was reported that the Epic Games Store had been removed from Steam’s “New Releases” page.

On August 15, 2019, Valve released an official statement regarding the removal of the Epic Games Store from Steam’s New Releases page. According to Valve, the decision was made due to concerns over exclusivity and anti-competitive behaviour.

On September 10, 2019, Valve stated that the Epic Games Store will remain on Steam while developers can choose whether their games appear on both services.

The epic game store pricing war has been raging for years now. It’s a battle that pits the big box stores against each other and it’s one that is being fought in many different ways, but there are some things to consider when you shop at Gamefly vs. Amazon vs. Best Buy vs. Target vs. Walmart vs. GameStop vs. etc.


So now we conclude the list of best gaming stores online in 2022. If you want to buy a gaming accessory or game, then these stores must be your first priority.