Plagiarism Checker for Blogs & Website Owners


Plagiarism checking is important for bloggers and website owners and this is because unique content is among the leading ranking factors of search engines. If your blogs or website content is not original then you should surely know that it is going to affect the rankings adversely. If you don’t want your content to sink then you should surely check it for plagiarism before publishing it for index. You don’t only have to check the new content for plagiarism but also the one that is already ranked on the search engine. The reason that you have to check plagiarism in published content is that people tend to steal content from the pages ranked on the top.

If someone is stealing information or even complete content from your page and using it on another page then it is going to simply affect the position and credibility of your site. Duplicate content confuses Google and it simply de-ranks all the platforms having similarities in them. For this reason, plagiarism checking is religiously important.

Today plagiarism checking has become religiously important and this is just because of the availability of online plagiarism checker tools. There are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools indexed on the web but not all of them are reliable for bloggers and website owners so we have hand-picked the most powerful scanned tools for you guys in the section below!

Best Plagiarism checker tools for Bloggers and webmasters!

Below are the tools that can help you check all sorts of plagiarism in the content may it being intentional or unintentional.


The is a complete website that can assist you in finding multiple types of plagiarism in website or blog content. This free plagiarism checker is considered to be best for researchers, bloggers, website managers, students and also teachers. You just have to register and sign in with your account to enjoy reliable checking services. Some features of this plagiarism checker tool are mentioned in the following list:

  1. You can use this plagiarism checker for free.
  2. The tool can cater the checking of 800 words in one go which is the ideal limit for a blog post.
  3. The plagiarism tool can scan text, files and even complete websites for plagiarism without any hassle.
  4. It has integrations with Dropbox.
  5. It provides complete security when it comes to scanning files.
  6. uses advanced algorithms and AI to check content which is why its results are not only accurate but also very much reliable!

This is also among the best plagiarism checker tools for bloggers. This duplicate content checker as the name tells us belongs to EduBirdie which is a famous platform for the improvement of textual content created by bloggers or website owners. If you are in dire need of high quality content that is also free of plagiarism then you can simply rely on this online plagiarism checker tool. The use of this tool is quite simple and even a child can learn how to use it. If you hook up with this tool then you can easily check and improve all sorts of readability, grammar and plagiarism mistakes in your input content!


You might have heard of Grammarly as it is one of the well-known tools among content creators and writers. This tool helps you check and remove all sorts of human mistakes from your work. Grammarly has the capability to find out grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, sentence structures, and other readability issues. The premium version of Grammarly can also help you in finding plagiarism issues in your content. Grammarly would not only tell you about the percentage of plagiarism in your content but would also give you details about the matched sources!


Plagiarism checker as the name explains is a designated website for checking duplicate content. Duplichecker offers tons of tools other than the plagiarism checker but you should know that the plagiarism tool is the premium offering it. The tool is best for website owners and bloggers and this is just because it is easy to use and is reliable for finding both intentional and unintentional traces of plagiarism. You just have to enter the text or the URL to the content in the tool and the tool would get you results in no time. It can cater the checking of up to 1000 words in one go. Duplichecker would also give you the option to rewrite and replace duplicate content!


If you want to engage with a wide range of seo tools then this is the perfect website for you. One should know that the online plagiarism checker tool by SER is free and is known to be best for finding multiple sorts of plagiarism. This is a free plagiarism checker tool but being free doesn’t affect its reliability. The tool uses AI and advanced algorithms to check the authenticity and origin of text or website content. The use of the tool is easy and you don’t have to read a manual to learn how to use it. Just enter the suspicious text and start scanning it. The plagiarism reports created by this tool are downloadable!

The afore listed tools are best for checking blog and website content with hardcore accuracy!


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