Reasons Why PHP Development is a Must for Web App Developers


In the last few years, tremendous growth is seen in the number of websites over the internet. For successful business operation, websites have become a necessity. Entrepreneurs always look for the best programming language, or framework, for their website development projects.

PHP is one such programming language used in different web projects for the last two decades. It powers almost 8 out of every 10 websites over the Internet, in some way or the other, there are several reasons why PHP developers are in high demand even after plenty of frameworks available for web development.

Introduction to PHP

PHP is a popular server-side programming languages. With its implementation, one can easily build highly scalable, dynamic, as well as robust websites for their businesses. Released in 1994, this language is a key contributor in some of the highly reputed websites.Websites developed in PHP supports all the major operating systems. It the most preferred programming languages, to build fast, secure, and dynamic web pages.

Advantages of using PHP

PHP is the most used language among developers all across the globe as it offers remarkable benefits, which are missed in other platforms. Here are some of the key benefits, which make this language the most preferred one.

  1. Open Source

PHP is an open-source language, i.e. completely free to use, and businesses do not have to pay any additional price or any license fees to enjoy features of this remarkable language. This is perfect for people having a limited budget for their website development work.

  1.  Active Community

PHP has a vast community of developers working round-the-clock. They are dedicated and are always ready to assist. Whenever PHP developerscome across any difficulty, they take assistance from this active community. They are also responsible to share updates, suggestions, and any sort of improvements required, which helps PHP to improve. Due to strong developers’ community, PHP development agencies love working with this renowned language.

  1. Scalability

During website development for a business, an important thing which an entrepreneur looks, in a programming language is scalability. This is a crucial feature for a language to help a website handle increasing traffic.Web applications developed with PHP are easy to scale and can handle a large number of users. The developers achieve this job by integrating additional servers. Also, the language is compatible with all web browsers, thus scalability is not a concern with this language.

  1. High-Speed

There are multiple reasons why PHP is the most preferred language inthe world of web development, and high speed is the most crucial. The loading time involved in PHP based websites is less in comparison to other languages.The best part is PHP implements its own memory, thus the processing speed is relatively higher than other languages. Developers enjoy this language due to its streamlined deployment. Even if your developers lack experience, they can build website at a fast rate. Even today, this benefit of PHP language is unbeatable.

  1. Frameworks and Updates

PHP is a simple to use language. Also, with the introduction of new versions and updates PHP has become stronger and better over the last few years. Several new frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Lamina, Cake, and CodeIgniter, are released, which were developed to make things simple. As per the developers, remarkable features ofLaravel Framework makes it best in the industry.

All these frameworks are integrated with modules and libraries which improve the development process. They build a sort of ecosystem allowing PHP to work at a faster rate. Developers enjoy using the latest versions of PHP as it is integrated with rich functionalities to create interactive design and features for your website development.


PHP offers the option to runon a web server as it is a server-side scripting language. It is a secure, reliable as well as fast in operation that has resulted in its immense popularity among the developers. Thus it would quite useful for any business enterprise to hire PHP developer for web application development instead of a general web developer.

A PHP developer is very well equipped with the dynamic nature of the scripting language to enhance the appearance and functionality of the website. Irrespective of the industry, a web page designed with PHP is more dynamic and simple to use.

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