6 Ways a Remote Team can Boost your Business


Remote working has now become the talk of the town. It is something that is now becoming increasingly common among employees and employers. And there are numerous reasons for its growing popularity. The IT sector is using this model for its benefit for quite some time now. As a result, other sectors are now also following its pursuit to leverage it for their benefit.

It’s no doubt that remote working is just a desirable idea. It has to transform into a significant business model that offers organizations several advantages. And there are many studies to back up that.

As per a survey done by Global Workplace Analytics, remote working in the last ten years has risen 91% and in the previous 12 years has grown 159%. Moreover, a Forbes report predicts that 50% of America’s staff would soon be working remotely.

With the flexibility to hire remote team from anywhere globally, businesses can bring diversity into their workforce. Moreover, it fuels innovation and drives creativity that allows you to get new ideas from your team. Because demand and competition are heavy today, remote teams are ideal for companies to scale fast.

But if you are still indecisive and skeptical about if you want to hire remote teams or not, then this article would help you make the right choice. We have listed down six ways remote teams can help you transform your business.

1. Helps You Stand Out Of The Competition

The advancements in technology have made the competition much fiercer. Usually, small and medium businesses find themselves at a disadvantage in front of large companies. Since they have much better resources and infrastructure, they can capture a significant market share.

But with the help of a remote team, you can hire extra resources to fulfill those gaps and have the same competitive edge. It is much easier to increase your remote resources in comparison with your onsite resources. Also, they might be able to develop new ideas or technologies that can give you a lead over others.

2. Helps Cut Back On Cost

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a remote team is that you can significantly cut back on your costs. Once you hire remote teams, you don’t have to worry about many of your expenses. The money and the resources that you save can be utilized in another place that can help you boost your business.

Since a more significant majority of your team would be working remotely, you would not have to worry about utility bills. Also, you would don’t have to arrange equipment or furniture for your remote resources. And most importantly, it can big saver when it comes to paying rent.

Rent is a huge burden for small and medium businesses. Even a tiny space in large cities can cost you thousands of dollars. So, you would want to be able to deal with this expense in a manner that does not overburden you. And the best preferable way to do so is that you do by hiring a remote team.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, remote working allows employers to save up to $11,000 yearly per worker. By simply allowing them to work half the time remotely, employers can save a ton of money. And it only takes half the time to operate remotely. The recruitment of a dedicated remote team will therefore definitely reduce your expense.

3. Increases Productivity

Employees working remotely tend to have much higher productivity than those working from an office. They find the peace of mind that is crucial to maximizing efficiency. As a result, it will boost the performance of your entire business.

There is no office politics that they have to deal with it. Neither do they have to wait at the bus station for a long commute for work, nor they would have to spend money. Also, they would now have more time to spend with their families.

All of these factors contribute towards increasing the productivity of your remote workers. It also motivates the employees to give the best since they would want to retain their position.

4. Helps You Improve And Provide Better Customer Service

A lot of businesses have been hiring remote teams to provide good customer service to their customers. Customers are an essential stakeholder in your business, and you want to make sure that they are happy. So, with 24/7 customer care support, customers are much like to get better services.

It would also decrease the probability of a customer being put on hold for too long. Exceptional client support is vital for nurturing current clients, finding and nurturing new leads, and answering potential customers’ questions.

It is achievable only if you hire a remote team to concentrate on customer support. It will free you and allow you to focus on the other core aspects of your business operations. In other words, a remote customer service department enables you to take on more ventures and clients while rapidly scaling.

5. Helps You Diversify

Every business is looking for an opportunity for diversification, particularly in less saturated areas. Since expansion comes at a cost, you would have to consider all the charges you would incur. And the most considerable burden would be of increasing your workforce.

But with remote working, you can quickly scale up your workforce as per your needs. As a result, it can help you tap into a new market and get projects from a completely different niche. Businesses that expand size rapidly benefit financially as they discover numerous income streams. Also, you would be reducing the risk factor associated with having just one source of income.

6. Frees Up Your Team For New Tasks

A problem that many businesses find themselves is that their staff is often stuck with repetitive tasks. As a result, they are not able to take up more work. Since they are already under the pressure of completing their current jobs, you can hire a remote team to take up the new work.

Or you can choose the vice versa option to give the repetitive tasks to your remote team. By doing so, you would have a unit free for any new business any new venture. Also, it would reduce the stress and tension on your current employees.

A tension-free employee is often more effective and beneficial. It will help you to scale quickly, as you need productive workers to do so. Most significantly, they want to worry about pending work that they would have to deal with.

Wrapping Up

There it is! These are the six reasons why you should consider hiring a remote team. These will enable you to elevate your business and take it to the next level in no time. In order to build a strong remote team, you need to focus on the hiring aspect.

Hiring and bringing onboard the right employees for the remote position is essential. And to do so, you can always take the help of a remote agency. There are many remote agencies that can help you build an agile and robust remote team in no time.

With their help, you can scale up a team of skilled and qualified individuals in no time. The only thing that you need to do is give them your project details. The rest would be the responsibility of the remote agency. The company would hire and manage the remote team for you.


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