Six Things to Know When Shopping Online!

Shopping Online!

You are beginning your online shopping journey and are wondering how to save yourself from a scam. There have been many fraud cases around you, and you seem to be stuck in terms of authenticity proof. We, at Rainbow Best Deals, are here to help you understand how you can get into the online buying culture and stay safe and not lose money.

1. Check for Authenticity:

When you are buying online, do not merely buy things without getting in touch with their provided email address and phone number. If they are not replying to your email or picking up the calls, avoid buying from their website.

Of course, you should never buy from a website without ”HTTPS” in the address. ”HTTP” means the website is not secured, and the added ”S” means that it has been guaranteed. An unsecured site is a treasure trove of identity theft, hacking, spamming, and all other malware that hackers keep coming up with!

2. Online identity Theft:

Online identity theft is a common problem these days. Your credit card information is saved into a third party system, and the next thing you know, your bank account is empty. The solution to that problem is Paypal.

Paypal was explicitly designed to ensure that you do not need to share your credit card information with random strangers. If you are using a new site, or in any case, use Paypal when you can. It is an excellent way to save yourself.

3. Secured Payment Methods:

Firstly, it is not a good sign if a company is not open to Paypal based payments. But if they are using credit cards based payment methods, then make sure they are secured. MacAfee secure or Norton secured, or MasterCard secured. These are a few of the reliable and significant security encryptions. Unless you look into the encryption they use to protect your credit card, do not put in your credit card details. If you like the product so much, pay upon reception. But these are highly credible security checks, and they are focused on ensuring that the person’s credit card information is not available to the selling site.

Your credit information is highly exposed unless you are using this software. Identity theft and hacking designed to clear out your account are exceedingly common these days. You will see that the bill will be hacked in no time if you allow it to become a part of the credit card ”unsecured” websites.

4. Shipment Security:

You have spent three hundred dollars on a product, and now you are waiting for it to arrive. It is safe to pay upon delivery because you are not worried about losing your money to no shipment.

But if you do order and pay online, keep the shipment tracking number close by. That is the best way to make sure that you can ask if your product was shipped out. Also, make sure that the courier service they use is the one you trust. DHL or USPS are the best options. Unless you live in the same city, never sign up for a delivery system that the company runs. It’sIt’s not too reliable.

5. Return and Refund:

It is hard to get refunds for the wrong product when you are shopping online. If you are buying something expensive and important online, make sure you know another buyer personally. Make sure that they are giving a guarantee for the refund policies of the company itself.

If you are looking for a sturdy and utterly trustworthy return policy, then avoid shopping online. Anyone telling you that online products can be bought reliably and can be returned flat out lying. They are not quickly returned, and money is not easily refunded.

6. Trustworthy Customer Reviews:

The company itself mostly writes customer reviews on any website. So how can you get trustworthy customer reviews? But the brand name on Facebook and go through the posts. You will gain a lot of honest opinions and will also be able to get in touch with other customers.

You should also follow the same pattern with Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites that may come to your mind. Using trustworthy reviews will help you gain the right perspective on the matter as well. But if you read a bad review, do not waste your money hoping for a miracle. If someone says they are not delivering on their promise, they probably will not deliver on their promise.

To Conclude!

All in all, there are a few basic ways to make sure that you’re buying safely. Yes, there is a significant concern about whether you got the right product. But there are more significant concerns such as identity theft or credit card theft as well. Avoid getting into trouble by learning the basic concepts of online security and your credit card’s security.

An excellent way to gain an in-depth perspective on the matter is by visiting a good and secured website. FOr example, take care of how you buy from Amazon. Amazon is highly reliable but completely online. There are many other sites where, when you visit. You will understand the acceptable standard practices of eCommerce.

Try to avoid compromising on too many of these precautions because they are cheap and easy to follow. Any company that cannot afford an excellent way to secure credit card payments is scamming you. Avoid trying to compromise on the security of your credit cards.

As far as goods are concerned. Pictures and real products are usually not identical. Be prepared to feel like the actual product looks nothing like the picture. Best of luck with your shopping plans!


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