We are all aware that fashion sale has moved online to a great extent. And this trend is here to stay and will only increase in the future. To have a successful online or a brick-and-mortar fashion store, we must grasp the power of social media marketing. Social media marketing plays a massive role in the success of a business. Most people worldwide use social media, so building your presence there is paramount. Keep reading to learn more about how social media marketing affects your fashion business positively.

First of all, social media reinforce your brand and boost your credibility. They also increase customer engagement and affect buying decisions. Regarding social media and your target audience, you can easily target and retarget your demographics. Being present and active on social media maximises conversion rates, and the best thing is that the overhead costs are low to zero. All in all, social media are an effective marketing tool.

1.  Social media reinforce your brand and boost credibility

Social media are one of the best platforms where you can showcase your fashion brand, and at the same time, it is a great way to boost brand recognition. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others to improve your brand’s awareness by posting your collections and entertaining content. The role of fashion brands on social media is to provide fashionistas with relevant fashion trend information. However, remember that not all social media channels are relevant for every fashion brand – you should research and find out which ones work best for you. It’s better to be present on a few relevant ones than on all, among which there are irrelevant ones. For instance, if you sell skirt and blazer sets and your demographics are young women, relevant social media channels are Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

2. They increase customer engagement

Since people spend quite a lot of time scrolling their social media feeds, it’s not too difficult to connect with them. Three essential factors make a customer loyal: the content you post, their quality and frequency. The content needs to be related to the fashion industry in one way or another. You can use Google to find out about the frequently asked questions and use these findings to write about relevant and trending topics that will attract people to your website. You can increase customer engagement by offering special deals.

3. They affect buying decisions

Most people who are interested in fashion or searching for clothes to buy use social media to find items they like. Or they simply bump into various brands when casually scrolling through their feeds. What’s more, your profile on social media acts as word of mouth in a way. People pay attention to how your business page looks, how many likes you have, how many comments you get, what kinds of things you post, etc. These factors affect a potential buyer’s purchase of an item from your brand.

4. You can easily (re)target your demographics

When it comes to targeting and retargeting your target audience, social media provide you with opportunities to be very specific about your target, which can ultimately bring you success. Social media networks allow us to customise our target audience based on age, gender, location, hashtags, etc. Also, it’s pretty easy to track how customers behave online and use that information to improve your business practices with the aim of increasing revenue.

5. They maximise conversion rates

Every fashion brand ultimately aims at maximising conversion rates. It is the core benefit of the social media marketing that can help us reach the sale funnel. You can increase conversion rates through Facebook marketing using Facebook ads.

6.  They have low to zero overhead costs

The best thing about social media marketing is the fact that its costs are low to zero. It is free to use, and everyone can learn how to use them successfully. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Handy tools such as Google Analytics help fashion retailers spend their budgets effectively, without loss.

7. They are an effective marketing tool

Social media marketing is an effective marketing tool as it allows you to achieve several things, such as increasing traffic, boosting brand loyalty, providing better customer service and increasing sales volume.

As a fashion business owner, you shouldn’t neglect the power of social media marketing. You should consider upping your social media efforts for the best results.

Author bio: Jess Cooper is a part-time journalist and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She is an energetic, creative, highly motivated person with plenty of interests. The most prominent areas of interest include business, fashion, marketing, communications, and lifestyle. She often helps fashion businesses by advising them on how to find reliable clothing vendors, how to use digital marketing strategies to their advantage and more.