6 secrets of a successful living room design

living room

The living room is a place identified with the mood for a pleasant pastime, relaxation, relaxation. This is facilitated by the appropriate decoration of the room, furniture, TV – each of the elements conducive to relaxation and comfortable rest. In this material, we have collected for you the most basic rules, thanks to which your living room will become not only stylish, but also comfortable. Let’s start?

During the day, many different functions are assigned to the living room. Here we meet after a hard day at work, and last time we spend almost all our free time in the living room, and even bring food from the kitchen into the living room, closer to the TV. And it is in the hall that we receive guests, so that the room gets two functions at once: public and private. Let’s now try to combine this beautifully.

Wall decoration

Without exaggeration, our whole life is concentrated in the living room, so the color of the walls is very important. He creates the right mood. The perfect shade that every family member will like is difficult to achieve. However, you will have to agree. And the general rules are as follows: light colors visually enlarge the room. Delicate colors suit almost every style, as they easily harmonize with different furniture sets. But orange and gold “warm” the climate of the apartment, and faded, like green, improve the mood.


The hall should have appropriately installed artificial lighting, which will have a beneficial effect on the human body. This can be both overhead lighting, and spot, intended for reading or other work. If possible, design a seating area close to a window, as natural light will accentuate all natural beauty.

Don’t forget to add indoor house plants:

If you live in an area with poor air quality, you may have noticed that your plants are suffering. Poor air quality can cause people to become restless, which can lead to a variety of health problems. However, there are steps you can do to improve the condition and quality of the air in your house. Indoor house plants are the most effective approach to achieve this without causing any negative side effects. These plants can help to decorate your home by giving it a natural aspect, and some plants emit a gentle fragrant smell that will help to eliminate odors.

Choosing the right furniture for the living room

Based on the versatility of using the hall, it is necessary to take special care of its arrangement, equipment, and the interior design of the living room, of course. Living room furniture is conventionally divided into 2 categories:

Organization of space and dividing the room into functional zones: a wall, a sofa and armchairs, a rack. Additional elements for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere: concrete coffee table, dressers, etc.

The furniture in the room should be comfortable, but more importantly, the living room should not be too busy. So you have to strike a balance between what you want to put in the hall, and what will help the room to remain spacious and comfortable enough.

Leisure furniture

A resting island is created using a sofa or its set with armchairs. It’s good if the sofa has built-in cabinets or wide armrests – you can use them as a coffee table or as a bedside table. Various little things will help to create a pleasant atmosphere at home, such as beautiful curtains, a blanket, decorative pillows. All this will make the room truly comfortable.

Shelving unit or wall unit?

Traditionally, walls are installed in all living rooms of the country. It is believed that this is the most convenient solution, because it is multifunctional furniture: there is room for T-shirts and dresses, boxes with documents, there are shelves for books and decor and a niche for installing a TV. And everyone is accustomed to the fact that without a wall, the living room seems “bare”, not equipped.

However, with the advent of modular walls, which are not installed flush with the wall, like a monolithic structure, but can be reinstalled in different ways around the room, as you like today.

At the same time, some are so fond of laconicism and the ability to divide the largest room in the house into small functional zones that they prefer neat compact shelves to the walls.

In the open part of the rack, that is, on visible shelves, you can place books or other decorative trifles. It is best to place tablecloths or other things that we cannot hide in other places in a closed part of the shelving or in separate boxes. On the open shelves of the shelving, you can also display beautiful original items that we want to show or that we want to show off, they will focus the views of guests on themselves.

Multimedia corner

Now the whole life of the family is concentrated in front of the TV screen. Of course, it’s not worth making the center of the entire living room from TV. But it is better to take care that the incident light does not reflect on the screen, and that all family members have a good view of the screen.

You should also maintain normal distances for enjoyable viewing. The TV set must be located at least 1.5 meters away from the place where we will sit while watching it. The top of the TV should be slightly higher or lower in relation to the line of sight. It is also best to choose a cabinet or TV wall that will hold your DVD player and other accessories.

Correct arrangement of furniture

We are used to arranging all furniture exclusively along the walls. But this is not always the right decision, because there are three scenarios for the arrangement of furniture at once, where, in addition to the classic symmetrical arrangement, circular and asymmetric ones are also proposed. If you choose a different arrangement of furniture, this will make it more interesting to organize the space. For example, try placing a sofa and chairs in the middle of the room rather than pushing them against the wall. It will turn out to be quite interesting.

Decorative elements of the hall

It should be remembered that the atmosphere of the hall is mainly determined by the fabrics. If we are talking about decor, then an interesting effect can be given by hanging several paintings or one large one on a one-color wall within the color of the wall. It also makes sense to choose the appropriate stylish and colorful curtains, since the “climate” of the room largely depends on them.

Will decorate the living room and a nice carpet. In other parts of the house, carpet is not always necessary, but here it will look best near the sofa.

Magazines and books should be folded on a special coffee table, which is installed somewhere near a chair or armchair. Because when they are lying on a table or on a dresser, it seems like a mess.

What secrets do you use in arranging your living room?


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