Tips for Building a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Mobile usage has extensively increased in the recent couple of decades and almost 50% f web traffic is from mobile devices. This is the reason; one should keep this huge number of mobile users in mind while designing landing pages or websites. If you are wondering how to create landing pages that convert, you need to make sure that your pages are adaptable and properly optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

In this article, we will reveal top tips for building mobile friendly landing pages.

Build landing pages that are specific to mobile devices

Mobile responsive websites and landing pages are always good to achieve desired marketing outcomes. But it is also great to design separate pages that are specific for mobile screens. To amazingly boost your conversion rates, don’t try to copy desktop landing pages but design separate landing pages specifically for mobiles. If you don’t want to design a separate copy of your landing page for more devices, but choose a responsive design, this can cause page elements like forms and CTA to shift. As a result, it increases the loading time and bounce rate. This is why the use of a customized landing page builder is highly recommended by experts because it helps you design mobile friendly landing pages efficiently and swiftly.

Keep your copy short and sweet

With an invasion of mobile content, the attention spans of modern consumers are shorter than ever before. Because they have quick access to the huge world of knowledge and information right in the palm of their hands. This is the reason; you should keep the copy of your landing page clear and concise to explain your offer without making them bored. If the headline of your landing page is not able to hook web users, the exit rate on your page will be higher. Along with a great and compelling headline, use bullet points, and shorter paragraphs. Don’t forget to include your brand tone while creating landing page copy to make it stand out.

Optimize your landing page with easy navigation

The use of optimized navigation features on your landing pages is one of the best ways to improve the experience of mobile users on your page. Unlike landing pages designed for desktops, mobile friendly landing pages don’t have many navigation options. Adding several navigation features to your mobile landing page can steer your conversions away. The use of a sticky header is a good way to improve. As the user scrolls down, the navigation should follow. This will help users to access all important options and pages no matter wherever they are on your landing page.

Place your CTA at the top of the page

When designing mobile landing pages, keep in mind that page elements that appear at the top are better able to grab the attention of users. Place your CTA at the prime real estate of your page to grab the attention of visitors and help them complete an action effectively. CTA that is placed at the top, increases the ease, comfort, and accessibility of your landing page. It also prevents your visitors from getting lost on your page before they see the CTA.

Opt for a single-column layout

The way you build a landing page for mobile devices should be different from how are viewable on desktops. To do this correctly, you should use a content approach used by most social media sites for their mobile apps. Social media apps are designed on the basis of single scrolling motion to engage users effectively. You should also opt for single column layout for your landing pages to make them mobile friendly. Make users to scroll through a single column with all essential details and information about your offer. However, you should align all the page elements like headline, copy, images, and CTA in great and appealing order. Mobile landing pages with a single column are very easy to navigate and improve user experience exceptionally.

Final Words

Implementing all the above mentioned mobile landing pages tips into your strategy will provide your users with an excellent and smooth experience no matter which mobile device they use. Taking these landing page design tips into consideration will help you design pages that attract users’ attention and convert them easily.


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