5 Tips to Write an Essay to Be Accepted Into a Dream University

Dream University

The top universities are competitive. They assess the students through essays and other academic exercises. Even with a top IQ and the best grades, you might miss an opportunity to join your dream university because your essay was poorly written. Pay for dissertation online to increase your chances of gaining admission to your dream university.


Each university issues different instructions to students fighting for admission chances. However, any essay must follow a particular pattern to be accepted by the vetting panel. Here are tips to help you write a killer essay that will guarantee automatic admission into the university of your dream.

  1. Review the prompt

The prompt determines your approach in essay writing. It tells you the topic or subject to discuss in your essay, how to approach the essay, length, and formatting style, among other factors. Do not commence writing the essay without understanding the requirements of the prompt.

There are several aspects to note in the prompt or instructions that determine the outcome of your essay.

  • Title– has the university provided a title for the essay or are you allowed to choose? In some cases, colleges give a general area of discussion like technology, remote learning, agriculture, global warming, and mental health, among others. If the title is given, you have to stick within its boundaries. Where a general subject is given, you will need to extract a title from the research you conduct on the wider topic.
  • Formatting style– academic writing is very specific on formatting style. You will be required to use APA, MLA, Chicago, and other formatting styles. Study these style requirements and use them consistently in your essay. Mixing different formatting styles will confuse your reader. Your paper will also be misleading since reference materials, volumes, pages, and such other identification features are not represented in the same way on different formatting styles.
  • Length– follow the length stipulated in the prompt strictly. The vetting panel has strict instructions when shortlisting. If an essay has not met the criterion of length, it receives a lower rating. Most essays will give a range of paragraphs and pages. Do not exceed these limits to avoid being chopped out of the list of successful admissions.
  • Writing perspective– what kind of an essay are you writing? Is it an analysis, synthesis, description, or compare and contrast? Such differences must be respected when writing. They determine the taste or texture of your paper. When the perspective is not clear, use your ingenuity to choose the best perspective. Stick to the perspective so that your paper is interesting to read.

The prompt forms part of the test. These instructions will, therefore, be a challenge for some people as a way of eliminating competition. Get assistance from professional essay writers before starting to write your essay.

Samples will also help you to understand instructions. For instance, if you are asked to format the paper in APA, you may use samples formatted in the style to guide you. The samples need to come from credible sources like the library or reliable online databases.

Online writing services also help you to understand writing instructions. Order a customized sample online based on the instructions you have been given on the paper. Once you are done writing your paper, use the prompt as a checklist to ascertain that you have followed instructions accurately. It improves your chances of admission.

  1. Research the topic thoroughly

University admission essays are academic papers by all standards. All the rules of academic writing, including thorough research, must be followed. One of the most important rules to follow is thorough research. Read as many high-quality materials as possible on the topic you are discussing before embarking on the paper.

It takes time to read through numerous high-quality reference materials. You need to begin drafting your paper as soon as possible. It gives you ample time to look for quality reference materials for your essay. You also avoid rushing at the last minute, resulting in a weak essay that cannot guarantee admission.

Research is an opportunity to understand the prevailing academic ideas on the subject of discussion. It helps you to avoid repeating ideas that other authors or students have already discussed. In that way, your ideas will be original and unique.

As you read books and academic articles that are aligned with your way of thinking, you must not avoid writers with a contrary opinion. Understand their perspective so that you can produce a balanced discussion. You also avoid discussing an idea or arriving at a conclusion that has already been discounted.

Choose quality materials for your literature review. The quality of ideas you will share and the strength of conclusions you make will depend on the reference materials you use. Check the library and credible online databases for the most reliable reference materials.

The university may have given particular reference materials like a novel or a case study. While you stick to these materials, you should look for insights on how to understand their content. It gives you a broader perspective of the idea you will be discussing. By using high-quality reference materials, you submit a captivating essay that will earn you a scholarship.

  1. Choose an interesting topic

The vetting panel and anyone reading your paper will form an opinion about your paper immediately he or she sees the title. That opinion will be difficult to overturn, even with the most compelling arguments insight the paper. The title sets the tone for your essay and must be the best possible.

To understand the need for a captivating topic, consider the number of students you will be competing with for a slot in your dream university. Some are the best in their states. Others come from top universities across the globe. You have to be at your best to win the battle of attention.

Where do you get the interesting topics?

  • New items- news outlets cover the latest discussions and concerns in different industries. The items generate debate that would be interesting when given an academic approach. Check new outlets, magazines, and the internet for the latest concerns in the subject you would like to base your argument on. The news items become a source of fresh ideas, helping you to craft an interesting paper.
  • Research recommendations- scholars leave recommendations on areas that need further research. The recommendations point at topics that have yet to be explored exhaustively. The suggestions give you an idea of a subject that will be valuable to a scholar. Through your effort, you will be adding new scholarly materials to the subject.
  • Extensive reading- read books, articles, journals, and other academic materials on the subject you are supposed to discuss in your essay. Extensive reading helps you to understand ideas that already exist. You will also encounter new perspectives on the topic, helping you to enrich your discussion. With a deeper understanding, you can craft a stronger and interesting essay topic.
  • Follow your passion- passion is crucial when choosing an essay topic. It makes your academic discussion more insightful and interesting. Since you are passionate about the subject, you can create interesting titles that capture the imagination of the reader. Passion will ignite your creativity, resulting in a compelling topic for your essay.

The words you choose for your topic determine its attractiveness whenever someone comes across it. Choose promising words or phrases that arouse curiosity. You will instantly capture the attention of the reader, resulting in a favorable rating by the vetting panel.

  1. Get all the help available

Do not take up all the responsibility of writing the essay as though it is a punishment. The vetting panel is only interested in an essay, regardless of its source. Increase your chances of admission by getting all the help available online and offline.

The first source of writing help is your tutor. The teacher trains you on how to write, including understanding instructions. He will offer directions on how to craft a compelling essay according to the instructions provided.

The internet is a valuable source of university admission essay writing help. Writing services help students to draft the best essay on different topics. You only pay a reasonable fee to get a customized university admission essay.

Writing tools will also help you to craft the best essay. Some help with typing while others will assist you to edit the paper. Other apps help with formatting and citation. Use these tools to produce a winning college admission paper.

  1. Edit and proofread your essay

A single typographical error or a misplaced word could mean the difference between admission and missing a slot. Thoroughly check your essay to eliminate any errors. Use a professional editor and online editing tools in this exercise. It helps you to submit the most coherent admission essay.

The best admission essay must adhere to the rules of academic writing. Obtain all the help possible to make writing easier and faster. Edit the paper before submission to improve your chances of admission.


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