Reasons why people prefer to have a male pet over female

Whenever you ask someone to have a pet, then they always emphasize having a male one. You will see you all the peoples around you will have a male pet only. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a dog or a cat. Mostly all the people will prefer to have a male dog except those who are doing business. There are so many reasons behind that. Every person comes up with a different reason.

Usually, people say that female pets need more care as compared to male pets. As per research, there is no difference between the gender of pets. All the differences are created by humans themselves on their personal experience. Researchers say that you can go with any gender. It will not affect their behavior.

Every dog is unique and has different behavior. If you go to a pet stores Canada, you will see there is no difference between so many things for males and females. There is a saying that a female dog will love you, but a male dog will be in love with you. Now let’s do not waste our time and get back straight to the point. Some of the following reasons why people prefer to have male dogs are mentioned below:

Hormonal differences

Just like a female human being female but also faces a lot of hormonal changes every year. It becomes difficult for the owner to handle them. Moreover, you need to take extra care of them during that time. There are so many single boys who prefer to have a dog with them. So it becomes complicated for them to handle all the is hormonal changes between a female pet.

It is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to have a male pet over a female. Moreover, they also can give a new life. But generally, people who are willing to have a pet do not want all these things. They generally want a pet that can become their family member and does not need much care and effort. But a female dog needs care from time to time. That is why people do not take them home


If you already have a dog in your house and plan to buy a new one, you will go with the male pet. It is because female pets do not adapt to the environment quickly and are not very friendly. Generally, they do not agree with another person. So it might get difficult for the people who are bringing them home. Moreover, if you have a small child at home, you should go with the male pet as they are more friendly and protect your child from externalities.

Friendly behavior

The male dogs always have friendly behavior as compared to the female. The main reason behind that are the hormonal changes in the female pet. But, just like women, the pet also gets irritated at that time. So it became difficult for the owner to understand what they want and what they are looking at. If you are looking for a pet to become a good family member and can mix up with everyone easily, then the Male one is perfect.

Health issue

As per female research pets have more health issues as compared to a male. They developed memory tumors or an infected uterus. These two are the most common issues that are found in a female body. So once they develop all these health issues, then you have to visit the hospital more frequently. Having a dog is just like having a kid in your house.

You have to take care of that whether you want it or not. There are so many things you need to buy for the female pet that you will get in pet stores Canada. It is a store that provides you a massive range of products. Here you will see the product with the different price range you can buy according to your budget.


Just like a newborn baby, a small dog also needs proper training. It would be senseless if you expect that your dog knows everything. You have to train them how to set how to shake hands and how to behave with people. It is easy to train a male dog as they catch things faster. There are so many things that you need to teach your dog. It is not always possible that a female pet takes a long time to learn, but almost a female pet takes a long time. Also, the female pet is more protective to what the owner and their puppies.

If any person tries to touch their puppies, they become aggressive and start barking on them. At that time, they do not see whether that person is her owner or some other. That aggressive mode of a pet makes kids develop a fear for dogs in their minds. At the same time, male dogs do not act aggressively in front of children. They understand this thing correctly; moreover, if your child tries to hurt your dog, they will not say anything to them; instead, they will keep running away.

The binding words

So these are some of the reasons why people prefer to have a male dog. Although as per the research, there is no significant difference between the gender of a pet. They say both of them can be good for being a pet. But as per the experience of local peoples and people who own a pet, all these things.

You have also evident that most of the people with pets in your surroundings have a male one. But it is your choice which one you want if you feel that a female one is better for your environment and your house, you can go with that. So if you brought a pet and need some stuff for them, you can visit a pet store in Canada. There you will find different types of products for both male and female pets.


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