10 Best Android-Based Coding Applications for Learners

Programming languages are in great demand for developing cutting-edge tech solutions. That’s why beginners and students are more into learning different coding languages for a prospective career. Since it’s the age of Android, iOS smartphones and smart devices; so, learning numerous coding languages will definitely keep you one step ahead in your career.

But, mastering multiple coding languages cannot happen in a jiffy. You have to immensely practise the coding language to achieve the expertise. It becomes difficult to find enough time to practice such coding languages and sit before your PC for a long period. Well, now you need not compromise on your programming skills as there are applications available for Android and iOS platforms.

You do not need to depend on your computer to brush up on your skills. Here are some top-notch Android coding applications for beginners.

1.  SoloLearn

We think that this is one of the biggest Android applications for coding practice and learning. The fun fact about SoloLearn is that you can avail more than 900 courses for free. Be it web development or app development for Android platforms, and you can take the help of numerous courses and improve your knowledge.

SoloLearn offers you coding in different languages, such as C, C++, C#, Python, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, and so on. Additionally, its built-in development environment makes learning easy and hassle-free. However, this application is not suitable for advanced learners, and the free version of SoloLearn doesn’t provide a valid certification at the end of the course.

2.  CodeHub

If you own an Android device, then CodeHub will justify your ownership. If you want to learn Android coding with hands-on examples of coding with CSS, HTML, web fundamentals, and Kotlin. Additionally, it has a simple interface that makes it easy for you to learn all the fundamentals of Android coding.

If you have an interest in web development for Android and iOS devices, then CodeHub is for you. After all, beginners will definitely consider it fun as CodeHub is available for free.

3. Programming Hub

If you’re looking for a vast range of programming examples and codes, then Programming Hub is the destination for you. Statistically speaking, you can avail more than 5000 coding snippets from over 20 different programming languages. The mobile compiler of this application is easily accessible.

The best thing about Programming Hub is that you can avail each and every mainstream language, along with their examples, under one roof. Whether it’s JavaScript, HTML, Swift, R Programming, CSS, or Kotlin, every fun course is available on this application. Additionally, you can have a sound knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and other trending technologies on Programming Hub.

4.  Encode

This is a specialised application for beginners who want to learn Android programming in bite-sized portions. Apart from helping you with programming tutorials or instructions, Encode helps you to solve several programming challenges. You can only become a pro of Android coding if you’re able to solve them. Encode is designed with that aspect in mind.

Be it CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Python, or any other interesting programming language, and you can learn and practice coding on Encode. Besides this, you can try coding on this application even when you are offline.

5.  Codegym

Currently, Java is the cherry on the top of the cake. If any software professional knows Java, he/she can manage any kind of programming language. And, Codegym will let you build expertise in Java and adjacent technologies. This application offers short tutorials on Java that can easily fit your day-to-day routine. You need not waste a chunk of hours on understanding the very basics of Java.

Additionally, Codegym makes learning interactive in the form of gaming. Codegym comes with levels, and you have to solve them individually. You’ll find ten levels for each quest to achieve. Level up your standards by playing those quests and be a specialist in Java development with more than 500 hours of active learning. However, this application offers you only Java for learning.

6.  Codemurai

Working remotely or travelling might interrupt your experience with spontaneous coding. That’s why we have considered Codemurai at your convenience. Codemurai makes the entire learning interactive on your Android devices. The prime functionality of this application is that you can avail guidance from industry experts. Irrespective of your interest in App development, web development, or game development, Codemurai is your all-in-one choice for learning different programming languages.

Additionally, Codemurai provides a huge list of programming languages to master — C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MongoDB, Android SDK, Angular 2, ES6, Python, Java, React, and much more. You can clear your doubts regarding computer science, Unity 3D, OOPS, and more other subjects.

7.  Grasshopper

JavaScript is in demand for creating dynamic web pages, and freshers are eager to learn it for broader career opportunities. If you want to excel in JavaScript, then Grasshopper might help you the most. Additionally, if you’re a new user, then Grasshopper’s simple user interface is just made for you.

Use the drag and drop facility to edit and write codes. Apart from practising, you can learn A to z regarding JavaScript on Grasshopper. From functions, variables to complex methods, everything is covered in the tutorials of Grasshopper. Moreover, students and professionals can grab a certificate of completion after they accomplish the course.

8.  Mimo

In case you’re searching for a personalised application to learn to code, then Mimo can be the real guide for you. This application lets you figure out how much time you want to spend and on which particular programming language. Thus, you can learn each of the programming languages at your pace and not be instructed by the application.

This application is very helpful to those who are new to programming languages. If you want to explore the basics of Python, Java, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and other main programming languages, then try Mimo. Apart from learning, you can check your progress through the same application. You can participate in different in-built exercises, such as ‘spot the mistakes’, ‘arrange script elements in the right order’, etc. No doubt, it leads to a stronger approach to your programming skills.

9.  Enki

Before you try out this Android application, we would like to warn you that you should have minimum experience in programming language for handling Enki. If you’re already a software engineer, then Enki is a brilliant option for you. Additionally, the application is smart enough to proceed at your pace.

The application will throw you a questionnaire, after completing it. The application will decide the learning courses and concepts for you. Enki provides you with software development, SQL, blockchain, and other web programming courses. The intuitive interface makes learning easier and more interactive. However, the application is not available on the web app form.

10.  Programming Hero

All the programming gamification elements are available on Programming Hero. What we like the most about Programming Hero is — this application is for both beginners and advanced learners. Grab a clear concept regarding OOPS, algorithms, and data structures from Programming Hero.

In addition, you can get to learn basic programming languages in the industry. But, this application lacks a built-in integrated environment for development purposes.


These 10 Android applications will simplify your coding journey for a bright future. Most of these applications come for free. However, you can go with the paid versions of these applications if they offer advanced learning and certificates. All the best for your programming venture!


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