Tips To Taking Clenbuterol

Most gym enthusiasts are referring to clenbuterol as their most needed pill as it helps them to achieve the ripped body they are longing to have in the fastest and most effective manner possible. But needless to say, if this is not taken rightfully, it can bring negative side effects, no one would want to experience.

Although the end goal is to achieve a perfect and chiseled physique and lose weight, sacrificing your health is something you must not consider.

Clenbuterol is a highly powerful drug, hence, you have to make sure that you are only taking the proper dosage according to your body’s needs and capabilities.

Taking this excessively can end up to a massive negative impact on your overall health, welfare and being hence best to avoid.

Guide To Taking Clenbuterol

This drug is helping in accelerating weight loss through elevating your metabolism rate. Even if you are taking just a very small amount of this supplement, you can expect extreme effectiveness. The dosage to take depends on different factors such as gender:


Is advised to take a maximum of 20mcg daily.


Male have higher tolerance hence they can take up to 40mcg daily.

Some gym enthusiasts prefer to take higher doses in an instant, but unfortunately, this is not the safest way to take this drug. The best way to take it is by giving your body enough pacing until it can adjust to the effect of the drug naturally.

No size fits all, hence expect that one body may react differently from the other. Do not copy what others are doing as what they are capable of can be something your body cannot handle.

If you want to get the most out of this substance, you have to increase the dosage of clenbuterol as gradually as possible. Do not jump to a high dosage too soon, as it will serve you bad instead of good.

Tips To Increasing Clenbuterol dosage

It is strongly suggested that increments of increase should be at 20mcgs every 2 to 3 weeks. Because this substance has a beta2 stimulator, it should be consumed on a per cycle basis.

The result of clenbuterol in fat burning is very powerful and permanent. Once one cycle has been completed, expect to enjoy a maximum of 6 weeks of boost metabolism. Some of the effects of the drug will wear off but metabolic augmentation is said to last for a longer time.

Maximum Amount Of Dosage

Just like to any other compound or supplement, clenbuterol comes with a maximum dosage a person can only take. For men, they should not go beyond 140mcg whilst for women, they need to stay under 1000mcg daily. Actually, for women, going up to the 140mcg mark is not completely dangerous, but since it is not necessary, there is no reason to go that far.

If you decide to go above the 140mcg dose per day, you will experience threatening side effects like high risk of cardiac hypertrophy. If you go further, like up to 200mcg, there is a huge chance that you might experience enlargement of the heart. If you want to be on the safer side, sticking with the low up to moderate doses is a good idea.

How To Get The Most From Clen

Because of too much excitement, what others would do is Buy Clenbuterol Online and do not even bother discovering how they can get the most out from this drug.

Clen is a highly beneficial supplement you can take if you are trying to lose weight, but on the other hand, it can also harm your health if you fail to take it properly. If you want to ensure that what you will get from this drug is only benefits, consider the following:

– This burns the fat in your body at a faster rate, hence, while taking this supplement, you need to make sure that you are drinking loads of water and you are also eating healthy. Consuming a few fats and cholesterol here and there is okay, but needless to say, your daily diet should consist of healthy fats, lean proteins and a well and healthy balanced diet.

– You have to take the supplement in cycles, for example, if you are planning to take it for 1 week continuously, you have to take a one week break after. Generally speaking, 3 to 4 week cycles are okay and known to be effective and safe for both women and men.

– You can see two forms of this drug, liquid and pill. But experts always recommend pills as they see this form as easier to achieve the right dosage compared to liquid, but needless to say, it is still your decision or preference that will prevail.

– One of the things that is encouraged is seeking doctor’s help or advice. The doctor will help you arrive at the right dosage your body can afford to handle, and to rightfully assess whether your body is currently in its best condition to tolerate the impact of this drug without experiencing massive side effects.

– If you are not in your healthiest state, like if you have thyroid disease, high blood pressure or any heart condition, avoiding this substance is advised. Also, if you are a lactating or pregnant woman, this supplement should be out of your medicinal box as it can bring hard not just to you but your baby as well.

Generally speaking, clen is a known supplement to help those who want to lose weight and to achieve a leaner physique, but, if it is not taken as it is supposed to be, you won’t get all these benefits, instead, your body will be hammered by ugly side effects.

There is nothing wrong if you want to give this supplement a try, but it is very important that you keep an eye on the right dosage and also, you have to observe yourself for any change, most especially declines on your health and being.

This supplement offers many benefits, hence athletes, gym enthusiasts or anyone else who wants to lose weight are encouraged to try this out.