Traditional Marketing Vs. Marketing Via Funny Pictures!

Traditional Marketing

The advancement of technology has wholly evolved means of marketing and promotion. Traditional marketing strategies and conventional promotion methods had a significant impact on business at the very foremost glance. However, the arrival of meme marketing has dominated these promotional means.

Traditional marketing methods conclude commercials on television, video streaming platforms, and social media, alongside advertisement hoarding and flexes. In contrast, marketing in the digitalized via funny pictures requisite a bit of creativity and nothing else. In framework website Lustige bilder – witzige bilder | PutPut is the most appropriate choice for the marketers. Here is a complete set of differences between traditional marketing methods and meme marketing.


Growing business commencing a content framework that is cost-effective and enormously engaging sounds like an impossible task. The cost of traditional advertisement methods is considerable. This conventional advertisement system promotes the brand by shooting advertisements, hanging up hoardings, and distributing pamphlets, which sounds expensive.

However, meme marketing, on the other hand, is much cheaper than land based or traditional marketing methods, as you are not required to shoot an advertisement video with a screenplay and a storyline, all the more marketers are don’t required to commence a high-end video software or graphic designer.

Originating a meme utilizing a viral meme template is easy as several funny pictures tools on the internet assist you in creating memes hassle-free. The likeability of memes have led to the arrival of meme websites like Lustige bilder – witzige bilder | PutPut which is a German website. Summing up, meme marketing is much cheaper in contrast to traditional marketing strategies.


Traditional marketing methods majorly concentrates on precipitating land-based hoarding and advertisement aspect. Land-based and traditional advertisements, even videos, cannot be shared among the targeted audience. In contrast to the conventional marketing strategies, meme marketing tactics are exposed to an exceeding reach.

Memes are the most accessible and sharable form of humorous content. If a meme is funny and relatable, even though it promotes a brand, it will be shared among the targeted audience. All the more, meme conveys the means and concept of a product just effortlessly compared to an advertisement video explaining the core notion of business. The overall reach of marketing via funny pictures is gigantic.


Marketing evidently consumes time. However, the time consumption of both these rival marketing strategies varies drastically. As mentioned above, traditional and conventional marketing agency basically concentrates on shooting advertisement demonstrating the importance and product of that explicit brand which consumes a significant deal of time.

Meme marketing saves a great deal of time when it comes to market a brand, as a marketer just needs to create a humorous and non-offensive meme for promoting the business. Small scale businesses prefer meme marketing over traditional marketing methods, but not only small scale businesses opt for meme marketing over traditional strategies.

As there are some well-established brands such as Netflix, Gucci, etc., are correspondingly promoting their frameworks through memes and funny pictures. Marketers can create a funny meme matching the voice of the brand in a narrow range of time.

Life of Content!

The life of content created by the traditional marketer and meme marketer varies to an exceeding extent. Do you ever remember an introductory advertisement video of a brand? No, but you still remember a meme that made you laugh.

Meme marketers utilize both old school and new flanged meme templates to interact with the audience, which is relatively easy to remember in comparison to an introductory advertisement video running television channels or video streaming platforms.

Summing Up!

Clearly, meme marketing dominates over the traditional marketing strategies to an extreme extent. As meme marketing is much affordable, less time-consuming, provides a reach to the targeted audience and many other.


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