Smart kids are always so curious and as such, love to ask why questions, they are attracted to things they don’t know. That is why science is an exciting subject for many preschoolers. Kids in preschool are encouraged to explore their environment and the world around them. Do you have a young preschooler at home? It’s never too early to foster a love of science in your kids with some fun science activities you could do at home or school. 

In today’s post, I’ll describe the best 5+ science activities that will ignite your kid’s curiosity, provide a bit of fun and teach them some valuable science lessons.

When you incorporate science activities into your kids learning curriculum, ensure that, you teach them that failure is only a part of the process and they should never give up.

Best Science Activity for Preschooler

There are numerous science activities that kids in preschool usually engage themselves in, however, in today’s post, we’ll focus only on the top 7 science activities that will give them a memorable experience.

  • Salt and Ice Experiment

This is a fascinating science experience for preschoolers. I remember loving this salt and ice experiment as a kid, I would diligently observe the salt as it melts craters into ice.

  • Colour Mixing on Coffee Filters

One of the most alluring science experiments is colour mixing, kids love to watch the wonders of colour transformation. In this particular activity preschoolers uses primary colours ( red, yellow, and blue) with coffee filters to create and explore the different secondary colours.

  • Oil and Water Experiment

This is one of the simplest science activities you can carry out with your kid. Start by sprinkling food colouring into a portion of vegetable oil or olive oil. Mix thoroughly and pour into a glass of water. The oil with lower density will remain at the top while the food colouring which is a little denser than oil will sink creating “fireworks” at the bottom. This experience teaches your kid about density and mixtures (oil and water don’t mix).

  • Invisible Ink Experiment

This is a unique science experiment every preschooler will love to experience. To start, squeeze the juice from a lemon fruit into a bowl and add a spoonful of water. Now your kid can use the “paint” (lemon juice mixture) with their paintbrush and draw on a piece of paper. After your little artist is done drawing, he/she may not be able to see it right away, but it’ll miraculously appear under the sunlight or near a lightbulb. What’s the lesson? Lemon juice when oxidized through heating, turns brown.

  • Sink or Float Experiment

To carry out this experiment, fill a large container with water, bring items of different densities, like sticks, stones, coins, leaves, corks, bath toys, marbles, rubber bands, sponges, and waterproof toys. Now have your kid place each item on the water to check which item floats and which doesn’t. This exercise introduces the concepts of density and buoyancy, and it’s also entertaining.

  • Volcanic Eruption Experiment

This is a science activity your kid will love to experience. It requires two simple ingredients; vinegar and baking soda. When both are mixed in equal ratios, a chemical reaction takes place which replicates the  behaviour of a volcanic eruption. You can experiment using different amounts of baking soda, vinegar and you can also add water to the mixture and check the effects of the changes in the concoction.

  • Pop Rock Balloons Experiment

This is an exciting science experiment for preschoolers. In this experiment, the pop rocks and the soda creates little bubbles and when these bubbles pop, the air contained in the bubbles fills the balloon. It’s an amazing sight to see for a preschooler.


These science experiments will give your kid a wonderful science experience and boost their curiosity in learning. Managing many kids as they carry out these experiments isn’t an easy task especially when you run a school, daycare, drop-in program, etc. For such organizations, it’s advisable that you get a “childcare centre software” to help you manage day-to-day activities so that you can focus all your attention on giving your kids the best experience.


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