6 Effective Tips to Dye your Hair without Damaging

Tips to Dye your Hair

Hair health is important for everyone without any exception. Many things can take a toll on your hair health. Hair is an important part of a person’s personality and can affect appearance and social interactions for obvious reasons.

What determines your hair health? Of course, your genes. But what other than your genes matter and can account for good hair health. From the food, you eat to the way you sleep, the choice of hair care products to the routine treatments you choose for your hair everything matters.

Over time, our hair health is affected by many factors and many of these factors are under our control. Hair damage owing to these treatments and practices can range from mild to severe and even can result in permanent hair loss, according to the best hair transplant surgeon in Karachi.

Tip for dyeing hair

One such hair damaging practice is dyeing your hair. I understand your favourite actress has turned her hair into blue and your classmate is having pinkish hair, so you want it to. But is this for anyone and if yes then what are the practices to follow? Here are tips to follow while hair dyeing to avoid drastic outcomes.

1- Don’t trust the pictures on colour box

While choosing a hair colour, the very first thing you see is probably the picture and description on the colour box. Many people believe that this is the exact colour they will be having after dyeing their hair and this makes the most common hair dyeing mistake. However, that’s not the exact cause and the outcome of a hair dye can depend upon many different factors including previous hair colour, natural colour of your hair etc.

2- Consider your natural skin tone to compliment the hair dye

Hair colours are available in a hundred different types and anyone could find it tempting to choose uncommon colours. But the question is will it suit you? Well, your skin tone is the answer to this. Whenever choosing a hair colour make sure that you consider your skin tone before investing money. As per general rule light skin toned people look appealing with light shades of hair colours and vice versa.

3- Remember two shades rule while picking up hair colour

Choosing a hair colour can be fairly difficult for anyone especially when you haven’t done this before. No matter what happens, don’t forget the two shades rule. According to this, a person should only choose two shades above or down its existing colour. The reason is that dyeing your hair once can only change it to two shades above or below not more than that so it’s unrealistic to go beyond the two shades rule.

4- PATCH TEST is a must

Whenever you are dying your hair don’t forget to perform a patch test. Apply colour on a smaller portion of your hair and see the outcomes. If you are unsatisfied with the results then don’t apply it to your whole head. Patch test saves you from unwanted outcomes of hair dyeing as well as it can also tell you about scalp sensitivity to hair dye.

5- Don’t over colour your hair

Every time you see white hair strands you might find it quite tempting to dye your hair all over again. But remember that this will only damage your hair leaving differently coloured hair locks and you will see the bulb of dye in your hair shafts. A better practice is to refresh your colour and touch up the strands with faded colour while leaving the remaining colour untouched.

6- Don’t go for permanent hair colours

There is a variety of hair colours we get to see with different results. Among permanent and temporary colours it’s always a preferable choice to go for semi-permanent hair colours as these are easy to remove in case anything goes wrong. Further, with semi-permanent hair colours, you can find it quite easy to stay up-to-date with the changing hair dyeing trends.

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Bottom Line!

Hair is important for one’s personality. Hair health is important for many reasons and can be affected by many factors. Hair dyeing is one popular hair fashion trend that can take a toll on one’s hair health. It is important to follow the right practices for dyeing your hair if you don’t want damaged hair.


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