7 Reasons to Hire Indian Developers for Your Custom Software Development

India, due to its software companies and individual developers, has been an outsourcing hub for over the last three decades. This experienced digital workforce has been recognized for its contributors to the successful digitization of the world. One of their greatest contributions is helping the banks across Europe and America tide over the Y2K crisis. This is why for businesses across the world looking to hire a programmer, India is the first location that comes to their mind.

Many factors have contributed to India’s success as an outsourcing destination for software development. These factors are all the reasons why you should hire an Indian programmer from India for your unique software needs. We have listed them one by one below.

  • Quality and Affordability
    The core appeal of outsourcing is affordability. An experienced developer in America charges anywhere between $150 to $200 an hour. The exchange rate between the dollar and the rupee ensures that you get the same quality service at a lower price. Other locations in Asia, Africa and South America might offer you competitive rates. However, in India, the experience of resources working on your projects will be much higher and this is always reflected in the quality of the work delivered. Indians are used to working in a globalized environment. They do not cut corners and deliver software up to global standards. Affordability and quality are the two key reasons why businesses across the world hire Indian developers.
  • Versatile Skillsets
    In order to create software that is efficient and curated to solve your unique problems, it is important to have a team with varied skills. India has a talent pool that offers such diversity. You can hire a programmer in India from an outsourcing company. The same company will offer you resources that might be required to successfully implement your software. This includes vital resources such as website designers, writers and consultants. Even if you feel that you only want a core software development team, you might require experts in multiple software development platforms to successfully implement your vision. India thus becomes a one-stop shop for all your talent acquisition needs.
  • English Proficiency For Clearer Communication
    A strong grasp of the English language is another reason to hire programmers from India. English is the official language and is an integral part of the corporate culture. A lack of common language can become a major hurdle in understanding each other. For many Asian countries such as China, the lack of proficiency in English is a major hurdle. You will not face these issues when you hire developers from here. Communicating with your offshore team in India will be easy. Understanding your team’s work culture is a lot simpler if there are cultural commonalities. This integration of India into the larger contemporary culture is another reason why businesses prefer to outsource their projects to India.
  • Compatible Corporate Ethos
    Indian companies have kept themselves aligned with the global trends in the corporate world. This makes them ideal outsourcing partners. The terminologies and organizational structure are easy to understand. The terms of the contract are understood by both parties involved. More importantly, Indian companies ensure that their programmers and other staff members are in touch with the ever-changing nuances of technology. So when you hire programmers from India, you get a ready-made team that easily understands your office culture and procedures. This integrated team knows the latest technology and it will efficiently guide you towards your business goals and objectives. The team also adapts to your resources management systems very easily. This creates an alignment of purpose and your combined team achieves one brand objective after another.
  • Aligned And Simple Regulatory Requirements
    The law of the land promotes outsourcing and outstaffing. The government regulators have years of experience dealing with such partnerships and therefore the regulatory requirements are kept to a minimum. The law practices still derive their modern avatar from the colonial past. This means legal terms are in English and up to date with modern company law practices. Since the legal requirements are so simple you can hire an Indian developer with as much ease as your native country.
  • Round The Clock Progress
    If you hire programmers to develop your custom software offshore, they will be working from a completely different timezone. This difference in time works in your favor. You can put processes in place to complement the work hours of both your teams. This way your company will be working round-the-clock to develop the essential software support or product you need. The great benefit of hiring Indian developers is this unstoppable work progress. The combined productivity of your team will soar through the roof. It can drastically reduce the turn-around time for your software products or other dependent services. You will always be a step ahead of your competition and your business will thrive with this added support.
  • Government Support and Infrastructure
    Government support through subsidies and a good ground network of infrastructure ensures unhindered productivity and lower operation costs
    The country prides itself on its burgeoning software development sector and supports the industry as much as possible. That’s why hired developers will have better government services and lower overheads. You will be the end recipient of the price benefit of this active government support.

There are many reasons why businesses opt to get custom software made for themselves. It could be to automate their operational peculiarities or to meet their specific client idiosyncrasies. In every case, the main purpose of outsourcing is to keep your core team free to pursue your core business objectives.

India as a location for outsourcing is poised to help you achieve this main purpose. Indian companies and employees are now adept at managing such projects autonomously. This is the real value for money you get by hiring Indian developers. So make India your preferred location for outsourcing. Get the custom software you need, developed with ease while you focus on growing your core business. Build the brand you always envisioned with an Indian outsourcing partner by your side.


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