A Review of Codecademy: All you Should Know, and Then Some More


When you decide to learn to code, the next step should be to seek online platforms where you can gain the necessary knowledge. One of the most sought-after online platforms for learning coding, which is also one of the best, is Codecademy.

Codecademy houses the most demanded programming languages, including but not limited to C#, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, and SQL. The platform also has a wide range of plans to suit all classes of users, including free courses and paid ones on different price ranges.

It’s not surprising to discover that Codecademy has over 50 million students, 2 thousand courses, and 9 categories.

If you’re interested in a complete review of Codecademy, our review of Codecademy will provide you with everything you should know, from the features to courses, and even pricing. Let’s dig in!

What Is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an education company that has massive open online courses for digital learner who is interested in learning coding and web designing.

The platform focuses on coding-specific courses in 14 programming languages such as C#, CSS, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, SQL, etc.

Codecademy also has courses in areas like Computer science, Code foundations, Data Science, Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science, etc.

The platform gets the most qualified experts to create the courses on this platform through a strict shortlisting process and also has an in-house team of Curriculum Developers and Software Engineers who work on quality assurance for all career paths.

How to open a Codecademy Account

When you visit Codecademy’s landing page via the website www.codecademy.com, you’ll find a signup form where you will input your email address and password and select the ‘Sign up’ button. This will get you a basic account where you can begin learning to code.

How to find Available Courses

Once your account is all set, you can start looking through all the courses available on the platform. You can do this by browsing for the most popular courses or looking through the catalog containing all the courses. Another option is to take a quiz and get recommendations based on your input.

Codecademy’s catalog and layout are easy to navigate, and you can filter courses based on subject, programming languages, and membership plan.

The subject areas are divided into Code Foundations, Computer Science, Data Science, Data Visualization, Developer Tools, Game Development, Machine Learning, Mobile Development, Web design, and Web development.

Overall, there are 14 programming languages, which are Bash/Shell, C#, HTML & CSS, C++, Python, R, JavaScript, Swift, Java, Kotlin, SQL, Go, Ruby, and PHP.

How to choose a Course on Codecademy

When you take time to browse through the courses available on Codecademy, you can click on any course that catches your eye and interest and you’ll see details about the course. These details include the course name, overview, prerequisites, syllabus, and duration for completion.

How to complete a course on Codecademy

The courses on Codecademy are very interactive and engaging, encompassing course materials and even practical projects that come along with guidance and peer group support.

When you go through the course materials, you will have to take quizzes and practice packs at the end of every lesson part to determine your skill and the areas you need to work on.

The quizzes you will be taking won’t affect your results in any way, neither will they be formal, but they are only there to help you judge your progress rate.

How to get your Certificate after completing a course?

After completing a course, you’ll need to be a Pro member to download your certificate of completion. When you have the membership, you simply need to visit your ‘My Profile’ page. When you get to the page, tap on the icon to ‘View Certificate’ and after viewing, click on ‘Print’

Your certificate will be downloaded and you can share it with others.

A review of Codecademy Pricing

Despite the features available on Codecademy and other similar platforms, pricing is one factor that helps you decide on a coding platform. So, in this review of Codecademy, let’s let you know the pricing for Codecademy courses.

Codecademy’s pricing is transparent because you find it mentioned in the left-hand corner of the navigation bar. Immediately you click on ‘Pricing,’ you will find the subscription plans, which are the basic or fee plan, and the Pro plan which goes at a monthly fee of $19.99 monthly, which can be reduced to $15.99 when you pay yearly.

When you opt for the basic plan, you will be able to access introductory courses containing interactive lessons, as well as limited peer support and mobile practice. There are a lot of restrictions with the basic Codecademy plan.

However, with the Pro plan, you can access both the basic plan and the content that’s restricted to only members, which entails unlimited mobile practice, practical projects, guided processes, and downloadable certificates upon completion of courses.

Do Codecademy Courses have discounts?

There is often a discount on Codecademy Pro accounts. First, you have 7 days to trial the account, and be sure you like the experience before purchasing the plan. Once your trial period ends, you will be charged for the plan, and the money will be non-refundable. However, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I get free courses on Codecademy?

Codecademy makes introductory courses available for users free of charge. However, the content of these courses is not detailed, and they don’t have all the features you find in the Pro plan.

A review of Codecademy Review: Our Verdict

Codecademy is a legitimate company and its courses are rich. If you want to learn about coding, this platform is a great one to use.

With over 30 instructors, 50 million users, and its headquarters in New York, USA, the platform is named as safe and legitimate by us.

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