Top 10 Cosmetics And Beauty Logos For 2022

Beauty Logos


There are hundreds of cosmetics and beauty products available in the market and as many logos as well. A lot of stats have shown that a well-designed logo can contribute up to 80% increase in the brand’s recognition. But the more important thing here is the inclusion of all the elements you think will impact the logo creation. Color combination, symbols, font, and text might be a few important things to name. But these are just the starters. 

Many experts have also said that a beauty logo is highly expressive and can speak about your products, the brand’s ideology, and even the values of your brand. Considering all these factors and that logo can display prestige and history of your product line and brand- one should now emphasise on the logo creation more than ever. 

So, let’s have a look at the top 10 cosmetics and beauty logos from which one can draw inspiration.

  • Fenty Beauty

If you are a big fan of Rihanna as well as the skincare and beauty product- you must have heard about Fenty Beauty. The brand not only offers beauty logo ideas but a line of amazing beauty products. The brand makes hot products for which people instantly fall in love. But the brand recently came up with a new and we must admit- an iconic logo design. 

The logo now looks more classic and contemporary which seems to have been inspired by the traditional monograms. The entire logo is strongly geometrical and has been placed in such a way that it reflects Rihanna’s character. Which is blood, strong, and grounded.

  • Estée Lauder

Another very influential and luxurious brand in the world of beauty products is Estée Lauder. The brand is a label of sophistication and luxury and it is highly depicted by the stunning logo. The cosmetic logo of this brand speaks for its existence. It isn’t loud but every emphatic logo design and font selection. The brand has been creating stunning and majestic products in the perfume and other lineups- and the logo they have is quite amazing. 

The beauty logo design we are talking about, is categorised under a monogram. The brand has sophisticatedly kept E and L overlapping with each other. Both of which are creative, curly and the entire logo has a luxurious font. 

  • Urban Decay

If you are looking for a modern cosmetic, iconic, and somewhat edgy brand than Urban Decay is what you should look at. This brand right from the very beginning has been revolutionising the world of beauty products. And if you see the timeline of their logo design, it looks quite intriguing. The brand has always played with fonts and colors. Currently, they flaunt a logo that’s deep, beautifully colored with purple, and regal, oozing class and luxury.

The beauty product’s logo which is another example of a monogram is woodmark and quite illustrative. The logo isn’t very loud with the colors but good enough to be creative and impressive.

  • Benefit

If you look at the logo of Benefit Brand which is a big name in the world of beauty products and more. It shows a comparatively creative, friendly, and artistic design. This brand has again chosen the minimal, interesting, and eye-catching way of expressing themselves. The custom logo of this brand depicts the nature of itself which is quite friendly (to the skin), approachable, and engaging. 

The brand’s custom logo design has been an inspiration to a lot of smaller brands. If you have a look at the brand’s logo, you will get to see the serene, modern, and edgy side of it. The logo is made up of lowercase and uppercase characters with a simple word mark.

  • Glossier

If you toggle through the names of the modern cosmetic brands in today’s world- you will surely find Glossier somewhere on the top. Much credit goes to the logo designers of this brand. It is a soft design and color combination that depicts their brand. Their subtle illustration and emanated simplicity emphasis on increasing the brand’s speech.

You can see their logo design on every product and packaging. It intrigues a soft vibe but edgy. They have been offering a perfect balance in their products. And the same can be seen in their logos as well. You can also use these brand marketing strategies for your business.

  • Origins

Origins is a brand in the cosmetics universe that brings together all its products using all-natural ingredients. Which is a great achievement for a brand in this line-of-work. It is not only their testaments but even the experts have confirmed that the brand is offering all natural products. Their ingredients are tested and have successfully passed the results.

One the other hand, if you have a look at their business logo design it also gives a great sense of “all natural.” Most times their logos are seen to be in light-green font and color. That is the perfect way to pull out the natural elements into your design. 

  • Stila

If you are looking for a brand that has a balance between innovative ideas and artistic approach, then Stila can be your brand. It is one of the best cosmetics brands in the world and their logo is also something that looks completely out-of-the-box. 

The brand provides a wonderful balance between positive and happiness- when it comes to their products. And it doesn’t fail to impress people because it has funky and creative logo design. And that has been the story from the very beginning.

  • Kiehl’s

The brand that has been around for almost 165 years is a New-York established brand that creates all-natural products that can easily fit in. your daily regime. The logo design of this brand is also amazing because it injects a friendly and fun style of designing. If you look at their logo it has always been creative and in a way that it excites people to know more about it.

  • Kat Von D Beauty

Another amazing beauty product brand that has a contemporary goth pin-up icon. One that you see mostly in high end newspapers. The brand has been around for a long time now and their logo has been the mirror of their speech. 

Their beauty logo design is quite innovative and complex. It is an old- skool design but they are quite good at it. If you are looking for inspiration, this can fit the shoe absolutely right.

  • Yves Saint Laurent

If you want to keep your logo quiet, lucrative and designful- Yves Saint Laurent is one name that should be in your head. It is a great luxury brand that has made its name amongst the top contenders. 

The logo of Yves Saint Laurent emphasises on majesty, heritage, and integrity. So, if you need a relative experience, this is the one you can bank on.


When it comes to the beauty products or the world of cosmetics- there are many brands with imperative logos. Some of them have amazing and crisp logos. Whereas the others have something a bit different. So, the above-given 10 brands can become your inspiration because we have covered diversity in the blog. 

If you want to create a professional logo then these examples can be the right things for you. So have a look at the ingredients they use and then determine your logo.