How to avoid Shady Casino Sites

Casino Sites

The online casino is all the rage and its transformation since it was introduced in 1994 by Microgaming company is gradual but a sure hit. Its real breakthrough came in 2004 ten years after the same company from the Isle of Man introduced the possibility of gambling online becoming possible in a mobile phone as long as there is a stable internet connection.

A great number of online casino businesses existed on the online market and the majority already had a name. Prestigious casino sites introduced by are considered one of the casino sites at the top level because of the quality of the games and their benefits. Moreover, all of them are legit and follow strict online gambling rules therefore they are safe.

Brief Insight about Online Gambling in India

Online gambling in India is legal in some states namely Goa, Daman, and Sikkim otherwise it is totally banned especially in the southern state of Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Andhra, and Pradesh where the law is so still that anyone who breaks it will be penalized or sent to jail. The state of Sikkim also accepts a lottery which is also available to punters from offshore.

The Public Gambling Act is an ancient gambling law of India (promulgated on the 25th of January 1867) and is still observed until now. It is said that anyone who owns or manages a public gambling house will be put in jail and will stay there for three (3) months and has to fine 200 rupees. If anyone who goes to a gambling house will be penalized as well for 100 rupees and will be imprisoned for one (1) month.

On the other hand, the online casino seemed to be resistant to this Act because no one has been punished for that.

When it comes to taxes, all forms of betting are subject to 30% of the gambling profit as stated by Section 115BB.

Since some parts of India is lenient to gambling, especially to online casinos, the government is vigilant with regard legitimacy and safety that their online casinos offer to their players.

Rogue Online Casinos and how to avoid them

Fraudulent casinos do exist and some of them are thriving by taking advantage of the innocence of the players, especially those who are new to online gambling.

Ironically, they looked real and there is little or no difference from genuine casino sites. These casino sites are using the same platforms legit ones are using so it is quite a challenge to distinguish them. You will only realize it when you are about to claim your winnings or you are already on board because some fraud casinos’ games are very slow or the quality is not so good.

So before that happens, we can avoid them by following these three simple steps on how to detect deceitful gambling sites:

  1. Check the reviews

Before we decide to commit to a chosen casino site, be aware of the reviews first. Make research using the search engine that we are using and check other players’ opinions about the site.

  1.  Look for the License

Even for a beginner, the license is the first thing that we should check. It is an indication that the casino site is legit and not fraudulent. So how can we know it is legit? Once you are already at the homepage of the site, go to the bottom and check if it is there or if it is updated. If it is not renewed or it is not there, leave the site and check another casino site.

  1. Know the terms and conditions

Not many players are happy about the online casino’s terms and conditions of the online casino but they remained at the site and tried their best to meet the casino’s standard. Why? It is because it is an indication that it is legit.

The terms and conditions discuss how the player can get their winnings and the terms to get the bonus and other benefits. If an online casino offers you a bed or roses type of T and C, then it is advised that you look for another casino site.

Final Insight:

It is indeed enticing to place a bet online since wagering is very convenient because of its accessibility to our gadgets. However, it is also advised that we have to be careful in choosing the casino site. The sites are only after the player’s deposit and once they already got the money, the performance of the games is disappointing, their Customer Service is bad and the site will not release your winnings. Before this happens, it is much better to be aware with regards to this matter so as not to waste good deposit money and to truly enjoy online betting.