Many companies are turning to CNC metal cutting machines for their production process instead of the traditional methods such as manual labor and automated assembly machines. A question many companies find themselves asking is which type of machine would it be best for them to buy in order to meet the needs of their company? This blog will provide a breakdown of the best machine types for various types of industries.

What are the different types of CNC machines?

There are three types of CNC machines, their general function is that they operate a tool by way of a computer. Computer numerical control (CNC) is the name used for these systems. Three types of CNC machines are industrial, field, and desktop. Industrial machines typically use lasers for cutting tools, typically through hardened steel media at speeds that can reach levels far exceeding those seen in other CNC applications. Desktop CNCs rely on different methods of movement such as laser or universal joints. The type of machine used will be based on production speed, required precision rates and tolerance rates, the size and shape of the product to be manufactured, safety requirements, the complexity of the job to be accomplished.

Types of machine applications for a company

The machining center (CNC machine) can be used for many applications. Production mills ensure that your company is always on schedule. Wood mills are able to laser engrave a variety of stationary or non-stationary materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. CNC lathes must move their workpiece which gives engineers and drafters a suitable way to produce parts for different industries. Cutting machines are great for creating branded items like bags, bottles and PDQ holders.

Which CNC machine is the best for your company?

If you’re looking to produce a certain product but you need help with the design process and creating the final product, then a CNC machine will be your best option. Due to the high requirements for operations, such as cutting and drilling, CNC machine usage has increased. It can rev up or down, cut at different speeds while keeping the same speed in specific motions, drive a screw into wood, aluminum, or plastic. Terminology used with CNC machines include milling and turning tools because they use shapes to make surfaces by applying rotational force.

Which materials should you use in your CNC machine?

CNC machines are ideal for precisely making metal products. These machines allow machinists to create intricate shapes and follow a computerized blueprint exactly without the use of hand tools. When shopping for the best CNC machine, it is important to consider what type of materials will be used in the machine. Different materials can create problems for these machines, so make sure you find the material that works with your CNC machine.


Sometimes a machine just needs to be purchased at the right time and person. The previous business closed, the owner retired, and now it’s not needed anymore. There are many reasons that machines need to be bought by someone else or passed on in the family. A machine can also be bought after searching online or reading blogs like this one.